December 25th, 2016


Christmas Eve 2016

It's been a busy, manic day with a few relaxing spots inbetween aka getting my nails done! The boys spent a lot of the itme on the sofa with Papi. Markus did stir himself and we made the next batch of mince pies together!

The ISS (International Space Station) didn't pass our way this year, so we couldn't go outside to stare at the sky and pretend to have seen Santa :-( But we did find his flight path online, however, the boys were more amused by the clip of someone wrapping their cat!

In other news, I give myself my presents (a long awaited book and a pair of slippers) and realize i have reached Middle-Aged Rock and Roll Nirvana. And I Just. Don't Care.

I also realize that 8pm is WAY TOO LATE to start unpacking all the amazon boxes and stuff I've hidden in our bedroon. Alan and I wrap presents for what seems like decaides. But then suddenly it's done, we eat our supper, play Santa Claus and the day is done. Happy Christmas!


Christmas Day

We've had a lovely day, pretty relaxing in fact. Stockings this morning at a reasonable (ie7.30) hour, lots of excitement and gratitute from the boys - "Thank you Santa, I love you, even though you can't hear me!" (Markus) - and a LOT of lego building. Most of the presents are still under the tree as the boys were happily playing this afternoon with the presents we gave them.

I got some lovely presents from Alan (new work rucksack I wanted and a pen case) and the boys gave me some comedy santa slippers and a new keyring. I had time to sit on the sofa and get some peace, then cooked this evening for all of us. Very chilled.

Happy Christmas to all of you from all of us!