October 2nd, 2016


Bilingual Benefits

I knew that we were doing our kids a favour by bringing them up bilingual in Switzerland, even if their english sounds a bit swiss and their word order is positively germanic! This guardian article explains why being bilingual is good for your brain and your mental health! It's really interesting - also explains why the culture of the country can have an impact on what you actually say in that language ie by impacting on the grammar and syntax of the language. There are several German / English examples!


London calling!

We just told the kids today that we are going to London for our "Herbstferien" (October half term) - We got them to guess from the clues below!
I'm hoping that at 5 and 7 they are old enough (and with enough stamina!) to really enjoy London. We will certainly visit the Natural History Museum (especially since it features in the Paddington film!) and probably do Changing of the Guard, Planetarium etc. Also very excited to be staying with and catching up with Sal, Amit, Ish and Jay!

Before we get to London we will spend a few nights at Wheeldon Trees Farm - we've been there a couple of times before (2011 and 2014) and will spend the day with Kate and her lovely boys!

Oh, and I have finally written a blog about our summer holidays in Ireland! Better late than never...