September 3rd, 2016


Markus at 6years 11 months and 7! (months 83-84)

A lot has been changing the last few months - finishing kindergarten after 2 years at Enge, saying goodbye to his friends, going on holiday, turning 7, having a Birthday Party and starting school. Oh yes, and the next tooth is wobbling! Markus seems a lot happier and settled in his behaviour than a couple of months ago.

The biggest change has been the first 2 weeks of school well. We've had a wobbles, but he has perservered. He loves their swimming lessons as a class and they spent a day in the "Waldschule" (Forest school) this week. "Mummy, it was amazing!" As far as I can make out, they played in the forest, looked at bugs with magnifiying glasses ("we nearly caught a centipeded", cooked sausages ("Mummy, we all had the same fat sausages") and were allowed to use their penknives.

Markus likes watching the big boys play football in the break ("Mummy, the big boys are soooo cool"!) and has already come home showing signs of external influences - ie he said to Patrick "Das ist doch kein Weltuntergang!" (That's not the end of the world, which we have never said) and yesterday he was singing "Gangam style!!" Alan and I attended our first school class meeting. He is is a mixed class - ie kids from class 1, 2 and 3 ie from 6/7 to 9/10. It wont' be long before he is walking the kilometre to school by himself (or at least home from school to start with). Last week he and I walked home today Monday and tuesday. On Wednesday morning due to a mix up between breakfast club and school, he decided to walk himself home at 0830, which he did without incident. He was fine, I was a bit shaken up!!

Months 83 and 84

Markus still loves the planets, has started learning chess with Alan and is completely football crazy. He still remembers all the football games they played at Kindergarten - - who scored goals, had a free kick, was tackled etc. They also remember each other's pannini stickers. Oh, and we are allowed to kiss him again "I like kisses again Mummy.

Language stuff
that doesn't "gilt"
are we soon there?
When are we soon there?
I lost myself


Patrick at 5 years to 5 years 1 month (months 60-61)

A lot has been changing the last few months for Patrick too - finishing Kinderkrippe after 4.5years, saying goodbye to his friends, going on holiday, turning 5, having a Birthday Party and starting Kindergarten. During his first two weeks at Kindergarten, Markus was also there. The two of them fought and argued apparently. As soon as it was Patrick on his own, the staff noticed that he settled in much better. He has made loads of friends and seems to be quite the centre of attention. He enjoys playing by himself and can focus and concentrate by himself for a long while. I am really enjoying the new group of parents there at Kindergarten and being part of the Enge community.

We have changed swimming, so that it's just Patrick and I on a Friday - and again he concentrates much better during his lesson and really enjoys having time to play and swim with Mummy. We are trying to give him more space and time to do stuff with Mummy or Daddy, without Markus at the moment.

He is still as lovingly cheeky and argumentative as ever. His first response is usually to say "Really?" in an incredulous tone and he disagrees on principle and as his first response :-)

"No, not always"
"I don't like kisses"
"there is he"
"bis zum hier"