May 15th, 2016


New Trainers and my feet have grown again!!

Today I finally said goodbye to me purple Brooks Adrenalin GTS13s which got me round all my runnnign and training in 2013/14 and got me round New York. They now have multiple holes and they need to go to the running track in the sky.

I said to Markus that I had to throw them a way and was a bit sad, but he said "But mummy that's good, because you used them so much" - ah, the wisdom of kids.

But not so sad, I still have my trusty pair of Garmin Adrenalisn GTS14s and a little while back, I had orthotics made and bought a pair of Asics Gel-Nimus 17 in blue and pink. BUT my feet seem to ahve grown AGAIN, I am now in a size 43.5, ie UK size 9. WTF!
See below for the updated history of my trainers :-)

Trainers New & Old

Running Shoes History
May 2016 -->
Last year i got v expensive custom made orthotics, and when I went to Runners Need in Feb 2016, they said I should get a neutral shoe to use with these
Asics Gel-Nimbus 17, US 11 / Eur 43.5 / UK 9
I have huge shrek feet, but at least they are a nice colour combination...

From post July 2013 / 2014 sometime - now
Another pair of Brooks which are still going strong...
Brooks Adrenalin GTS14 in UK size 8 / Eur 42 / US 10

July 2013 - Dec 2014 (but finally thrown away May 2016) - got me through the NYC 2014 Marathon!!
Brooks Adrenalin GTS13 US size 10 wide (B), ie UK 8.5/Eur 43, £100 from Run and Become

Previous history of trainers here....