December 14th, 2015


Feeling a bit Christmassed - out!

Today in a rare Monday without Patrick, I have done the following:
- write and send christmas cards
- pack up and send Kate's christmas present
- Sort out 2015 photos & create 2015 snapshots
- line cake tin (takes a while!)
- Prepare christmas cake
- Bake christmas cake
- Mix Christmas pudding
- Steam Christmas pudding
- Mix Mincemeeat (ready for making mince pies tomorrow evening)
- do some fruit and veg shopping
- Pick up parcel from Post Office

The flat smells lovely and Christmassy - but I am knackered :-(
At least I have this Friday off and we are going to the Märchenhotel in Braunwald for a pre Christmas treat - can't wait :-)

Still to do?
- A few last minute pressies to get for the boys, plus 2 for Markus (from us and from Kate)
- Menu planning and food shopping
- Wrapping!
- Check out whether the ISS will pass overhead...
- Marzipan and ice the cake
- Write cards for work - this week
- Bake polish cake for Kindergarten staff and Chindski staff

Actually, thought I didn't have that much left to do - but obviously I do :-(