December 4th, 2015


On Books, Reading, Rereading and Distractions

This year, the one resolution that I have been good at keeping, is to read more books. The goal for 2015 was to read 100 and I am currently at 80, with just under a month to go. I might just make it :-) I listened to a Tedx talk recently by Tai Lopez. He talks about reading - his suggestion is to see books not as a one-off event, but to really re-read the ones you love. He suggests a core library of 150 books that you come back to, time and time again.

When I was a child/teenager, buying books was a luxury. I often got book tokens, but weighed up carefully what to buy. I had 2 bookshelves and all my books on there were old friends, re-read many many times. It is definitely a different experience going back to a book that you know so, so well. Now I very rarely re-read books, mostly because I have so many books waiting to be read. I do like the idea of finding my 150 core books - what would yours be?

I read two articles recently, that really chimed with me. Both articles argue that the nature of the internet and our addiction to digital and our distracted lives, lead to us reading less, concentrating less. I know this to be true of myself. I can get sucked into a facebook quagmire and spend an hour reading nonsense updates. When of course I would much rather be reading a book.

I hightly recommend both articles
Why we can't read a book anymore: Hugh McGuire
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Addicted to Distraction: Tony Schwartz
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And a final thought - saw this quote in the Guardian and cut it out :-) So, so true....