May 31st, 2015


Celebrations in May...

May was a big month for me. Birthday, Mothers Day and starting new job. There were a few parties and celebrations. So here is the quick rundown...

For my birthday at home there was flowers, bubby, gold star earrings from lovely husband, and a magnet from Markus and keyring from Patrick :-)

Mothers Day here in Switzerland is May 12th, so I then got home-made gifts from the boys! Jam from Patrick, a keyring and lovely heart card from Markus.

Two days before my birthday, I started my new job at work. So on my birthday, I did a welcome breakfast for my new team and someone got to my desk first!

... and at the end of the working day, I did an apero for my old team. My boss did a wonderful, long speech and I got flowers, card and money towards some sport/running sessions. I enjoyed the evening, but found it hard to be the center of attention. It was good to have all the May celebrations out of the way and return to normal life :-)