December 25th, 2014


24 days of advent streaking!

I am very happy to report that I have successfully completed my 24 days in Advent challenge - to run every day (min 1 mile) and to blog each day.

I got personal bests for 1 kilometre (5:39.8), 1 mile (9:46.1) and 5 kilometres (33:01) and found that running at 0630 was the best option. If this didn't happen, then it got stressful during the day trying to fit in a run. I was grateful for the new running challenge after the marathon and appreciated the fact that my legs held out and didn't complain!
- 24 runs
- total distance: 60.80km
- total time: 7:32:36
- average pace: 7:26 per kilometre
- average run time: 18:06 min
- average distance: 2.43 km

And my blogging? Here was the original list of all the blogs to be backdated, and I wrote all of them, except for the running review which I will do on Dec 31st. Some day I even wrote 2 or 3 posts. I had been regretting this year that there were so many events from the last year that I hadn't documented. And i was going to "write these entries off." But this challenge gave me the kick up the bottom i needed. The backdated posts weren't long, but they did fill in the gaps. It also meant that I had to get all my photos uploaded and up-to-date. My digital life is now in order again!

IMG_0803dec blogsIMG_0802

Merry Christmas!

Small boys, stockings and remote controlled toys - what's not to like. Light lunch of salmon sandwiches and prosecco to follow shortly, roast duck breast with everything this everything :-)

Oh, and Father Christmas brought us a smart TV - we are all very excited!