December 24th, 2014


Christmas Eve Feeling!

All is quiet, mr.ncot is asleep, boys are playing nicely (for the time being!) and I am pottering in the kitchen. The boys completed their home made "advent calendars" this morning.

Today I had a fab sleep in til 1130 :-) (thanks mr.ncot!) Have done last bits of shopping, got my eyebrowse done and now I am on a mad rush to make mincepies, prepare mulled wine, marinate the duck and prepare the cabbage. A run also needs to happen at some point - day 24 of advent streak!

Thanks to Nasa Sootthestation we will try and catch a glimpse of the ISS passing overhead and try to convince the boys that it is Santa's sleigh :-)

The boys are also fascinated by the official NORAD Santa Tracker

Starting a new Christmas Tradition!

I may have started a new tradition :-) The boys and I trooped out of flat just before 1820 and walked over to the tram/bus depot (no tall buildings nearby blocking view.) We all peered into the sky (direction WNW) and at 1822 nothing happened. And then we saw a light moving across the sky (57 degrees, direction SE) that wasn't a plane and we told the boys it was Santa Claus way up high. Markus literally jumped up and down with glee.

And the best thing is, when they no longer believe in Father Christmas, the truth, ie that it is the International Space Station that you can see orbiting, the truth is no less marvellous or exciting!!

I am a very happy parent tonight, ridiculously pleased with myself :-) And very happy that it was a clear night and that my iphone compass was accurate! Details here about how to spot the ISS.