October 28th, 2014


New York, New York!

One of my @40 challenges was to run a half marathon - which somehow turned into - Let's run the New York Marathon!

Well, it is this coming Sunday, best mate Sal and I will be trotting across the start line at 1055 New York Time (5pm GMT) and will, all things considered, cross the finish line at about 1700 (11pm GMT).

You can track my progress here: http://liveresults.nyrr.org
My number is 67742

I hope that my phone will receive text messages, so feel free to sms me during the race. i will be taking frequent water and walking breaks :) 0041 78 856 44 00

Oh and here's the route in 21 minutes, courtesy of youtube!
makes me feel seesick and exhausted before I even start - lol :-)