June 16th, 2014


Frauenlauf 10K in Berne

Yesterday I ran the 10K Frauenlauf in Berne with a friend from work, who was experiencing her first ever race :-) The atmosphere was fantastic, thousands of women, female power and energy everywhere, and a beautiful sunny day in beautiful Berne. The organisation was swiss and seamless :-)

I had wanted to beat my 1:07:55 from the Zurich 10K in April. But it was not to be. 1:09:20. Hot, hilly and I started out WAY too fast! For that I did a personal 5K best - 32:31minutes. My previous 5K pb of 35.36 miles was 2 years ago in Berne, when my sister took care of the boys and helped me get back into running. That race seems like a lifetime ago. So grateful that Kate kicked me back into running!

Yesterday I was proud to be a runner, was inspired by all the other women around me giving it their all, and was grateful to be fit and healthy and training so well in 2014.

Next steps? Buy a second pair of Brookes trainers, a garmin forerunner 220 and learn how to consistently pace myself. I also need to get some new orthotics sorted. My next race is the Greifenseelauf in September with Sal, but will see if there are any other summer races I can do. Would love to get my 10K under 1hr 5 and my 5K under 30 minutes.

My marathon training plan starts officially mid July, but from here on in, I am focussed on my @40 goal of 2nd Nov 2014 and NEW YORK NEW YORK :-)

Frauenlauf Berne 2Frauenlauf Berne 4IMG_8370

Balancing work, life, running, boys & blogging!

Am finding it hard to keep on top of my online life at the moment. I only seem to blog about running, but running is taking over 2014 somewhat :-) Work is busy for Mr.ncot and I, the boys are fine and I try to spend as much time as possible playing with them and enjoying the moment. Blogging, photos and reflecting is taking a back step and that makes me somewhat sad.

Can someone wave a magic wand and given me an extra hour a day in which to blog?

And before Markus starts Kindergarten (ie start of school system here in CH) I desperately want to create and finish his baby book :-)

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