March 12th, 2014


Happy International Women's Day! (only 3 days late!)

Every Women's Day I want to remember to post this cartoon and I always forget. I cut this out of the Spiegel back when I was a student ie 20 years ago. Sadly, I still think the main message is relevant.

Notice on door says: Do not disturb
Women's placards say: Equal Rights for women
Man says: What do they still want? We sent them flowers a few weeks ago for women's day
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Oh, and on this theme, this is my alltime favourite cartoon about women, men, work, meetings!

The Palmer Gang go wild in Derbyshire!

We are just back from a lovely long weekend at Wheeldon Trees farm cottages nr Bakewell, Derbyshire with the whole Palmer gang, including Kate's two sons, W and J, who she is adopting. They moved in on 4th February and they are all doing fine!

The weekend was booked last weekend to celebrate Dad's 70th, but K's adoption process moved so fast, that we are now also celebrating W&J joining the family. My boys were more than excited about the trip, but it might have been the thought of going on a plane that was the main attraction. We had skyped a few times with Kate and her boys, but they met for the first time in Manchester airport. I went to find out where to pick up the rental car, and 2 minutes later when I returned, the four boys were getting on like a house on fire. This happened all weekend. If you had seen our family group, you would have believed that the 5 boys (my brothers son 6, Kate's two sons 6 and 4, my two boys 4 and 2) had know each other all their lives!

We had booked 3 cottages at Wheeldon Trees farm cottages (we had stayed there before), and Deborah and Martin could not have been more welcoming. The weather was cold but sunny. There were lots of walks, feeding hens, cooking, running in and out of each other's houses, playing in the playground and a pub lunch to celebrate Dad's Birthday.

It was absolutely perfect!!

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