March 3rd, 2014


To Blog or Not to Blog (and my lenten resolutions)

I have been sadly neglecting my blog lately, despite my @40 challenge to blog at least once a week. And I have at least 14 blog posts to catch up with - from Christmas! I have been wondering why it is so important to me to keep the important events in life logged. And have come up with no definitive answers, except... it's important to me. So please excuse the slightly old blogs to come. The central question is nicely shown below...
to blog or not to blog
But I know I feel better and more in control when I write regularly and when I reflect on the important events in my life, so that is good enough for me. I have also been wondering about what to do for Lent. I try to do things, rather than give things up. But I know that when I drink wine, I waste my time in the evenings. This article really hit a nerve with me. For me, drinking wine too much numbs the edge of my busy life and my stress, but doesn't actually help me act or get things done. I have also realised that what is important to me is reading and writing.

So for lent, I shall be:
* giving up the wine (except for on Sundays, which is allowed in lent!)
* blogging once a day
* writing my nanowrimo novel once a day (however little)
* reading more

Let's see how it goes!

Accidentally ran/walked a half marathon yesterday!

Yesterday lovely mr.ncot took the boys out for the afternoon and I faffed around, before finally realising at 1530 that I should go out for my long run (before the light went). Decide to walk up the uetliberg, walk along top from Uto Kulm to Felsenegg, then walk down to Adliswil, then run back home along the Sihl. I definitely didn't realize how far it was.

Was doing okay on my run 5mins, walk 1min routine (although i walked up and down), got halfway back along the river, before my poor little legs gave out. Switched to walking 5mins, running 1 minute and got caught in the dark. Finally got home at about 1930 and thought my legs were going to drop off. Then realised I had pretty much covered 13 miles in 3hrs 14minutes :-) So opps, pretty much did a half marathon. Don't wonder I ache so much today!

Half signed up today for the Zurich 10k in April 6th - goal is under 1hr 10minutes. Have been enjoying my new podcast "marathon talk" and a new facebook group called "Run Mummy Run" and my new iphone app PaceDJ (which finds music on your iphone which matches your beats per minute - it even measures your running pace for you!)

IMG_7392 IMG_7389