February 11th, 2014


New Running tshirt, new challenge for 2014!


The tshirt should give a hint! I have signed up with best mate Sal to run the New York city marathon on 2nd Nov 2014. I will be 41, not 40, but think this is a good extension of my @40 challenges!

My goal is to finish in good health. When I did the London Marathon in 2001, my knees really suffered. This time I am doing strength training 2-3 times a week and will also get back to yoga, as well as the running.

To prepare for this challenge, this is what my running year looks like :-) Wish me luck, I'll need it!

6th April 2014 - Zurich 10K
10 May 2014 - Berne, 10 miles (17km)
1 June 2014 - Winterthur, 21K
15 June 2014 - Berne, 10K
20 Sept 2014 - Uster, 21K
2 Nov 2014 - New York Marathon !!

oh, and a new userpic to inspire me! See All my userpics here