January 29th, 2014


My Little Sister's Very Big Adventure

I am so proud (with her permission of course) to tell my sister's story. She is my little sister (5 years younger), lives in Manchester, teaches music and is a total star. She makes the odd appearance on this blog as Katethebass and adores my boys.

She is in the process of adopting two brothers, W & J (names and photos withheld for obvious reasons) who are 6 and 4 and who have been with a loving foster family for the last few years. I have been with her since Saturday, doing the final touches to the house, cooking supper for my sister, and listening to her day's adventures. She is now in the middle of "introductions".

The boys had been told in the New Year that the were getting a "new mummy" and my sister had prepared some photo books, toys, videos for them, so that they could begin to deal with the idea. Since last Friday, she has been spending more and more time with them in their house. Today was the first time they came to her. If all goes well, in a week they will be with her full time. The official adoption papers may take up to a year to finalise, but from next week, she's a MUMMY! And I know that she will do such a fantastic job.

She is taking a year's adoption leave from her job and the boys will have a month with her at home, before they begin the process of starting their new school. It is all very, very exciting and a bit scary, but wonderful at the same time. I am more proud of her than I can say. Two boys have the chance of being a family. They have taken to her well so far, but she expects the inevitable ups and downs. She has fantastic support from the social workers (she has one, the boys have a different one, plus there is an adoption agency supporting her as well.) She has a small group of supporters in Manchster, mostly from her church, who are going to be helping her day to day.

I am sad that I am so far away, and that our face to face time is now getting to get more complicated and expensive to arrange, but as the quote goes, love will find a way! Please keep her in your thoughts and or prayers and or energy vibes, as she starts this mad journey called Motherhood :-)
Picture of the boys taken today, in the rain!

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Patrick at months 28, 29, 30

We are definitely in the midst of the terrible twos with Patrick. He wants to do everything himself. He wants to sit on the toilet to do wee wees, but without the baby seat (is developing excellent upper arm strength!) Wants to flush the toilet, wash his hands himself. And his language is a glorious mix of english and German

Ich flush it
Ich washy hands
Me fall over

His pronounciation is a little confused.
Markus comes out as Mar-tus
Finished! ie Pinished or Tinished

And today we had the following conversation:
Where's teddy?
Teddy's asleep.
Wake teddy up!

He can count to ten and beyond and knows most of his colours inc purple! He pokes and pushes Markus, drives him to distraction, then says "Sorry Markus! Kiss?" with a little dimple that melts your heart. If he kisses you, he will grab your face, get you square on, then give you an open mouthed, very sloppy kiss, which only a mother could love (and in fact this one doesn't!!)

He adores swimming and another favourite phrase is "Plash in the water!" "watch watach! Plash in the water"
He "dives" in the three inches of bath water, and left to his own devices, will "dive" ie launch himself off the sofa. He stands up on the kitchen bar stools, and will jump off anything.

"No jumping!" giggle, then launches himself off the sofa again. Not surprising, I have aged at least 5 years in the last 3 months. And we have had one emergency trip to the doctor, when he fell of the sofa into the radiator :-(
He is loveable rascal, full of mischief, and you can't take your eyes off him for a second....
At times he will literally jump up and down on the spot for joy. Wish we could bottle that energy and amazing toddler laugh!

We had several months of bedtime battles - wanted to sleep in our bed, wouldn't stay in his bed. The other night, he was awake and fighting sleep from 0130 to 0500 and not surprisingly didn't want to get up in the morning. Neither did I. He is very attached to his dummy, which he is now only allowed for sleeping, but will sneak it out when we're not looking. He also has a teddy and a grubby blue cushion, which go everywhere with him. When tired, he will find teddy and pillow, and just curl up on the floor for a little nap!

month 28 month 29 month 30

I don't think he's changed much - camera shy at 1 month and at 30 months!!
month 30 (4) month 30 (3)