November 19th, 2013


Markus and his Stopsticks

Markus was very excited when Alan bought him some chopsticks for children on Saturday. He has been practising with them all weekend and actually ate all his supper quicker than he would normally - presumably the novelty factor is making him forget that he doesn't normally clear his plate!

Anyway, he keeps calling them "stopsticks"

Markus: Stopsticks
Me: No, chopsticks
Markus: yes! Stopsticks
Me: No darling, ch, ch, chopsticks
Markus: Stopsticks
Me: Like chuggington - chugga chugga ch ch chopsticks
Markus: Ch...Chopsticks
Me: Brilliant!
Markus: Stopsticks
Me: Okay, stopsticks

IMG_6156 IMG_6161
IMG_6159 IMG_6165