November 17th, 2013


A busy, but lovely weekend!

It has been a very busy weekend, but good!

Friday night
Lovely friend K babysat, mr.ncot and I go to see Rush - absolutely brilliant film, can highly recommend it. Daniel Brühl was wonderful :-)

Pedicure appt
Markus swimming
Patrick swimming
Hair cut
5 loads of washing done
Made flapjacks
Took boys round to see friends
Made Supper for boys
Made a carrot & banana cake
Went for a run (at 2030!)
Ate supper, then bath

Put clean washing away
Long walk on Uetliberg
Alan does craft with the boys
Took boys to playground
then Starbucks!
M. learns to use baby chopsticks (or "Stopsticks" as he calls them!)
Alan made me sushi - yum yum
Wrote 3 blogs!

Tomorrow we have
playgroup, I'm on refreshments for kids & mum duty
Dr checkup for Markus
Friend F comes to babysit early eve
I have an appt with tenants' association
A. out til late

I always find it relaxing to be back at work on a tuesday!

2. Baby I and I 3. Uetliberg 4. Crafts 6. Playground 7. Playground 9. Sushi 1. Fri night run 5. crafts2