November 7th, 2013

tea break

Best Tea Quote Ever....

"It just needs boiling water – and it must be boiling: I really can't emphasise that enough, America – and it needs time."

I laughed out loud at this Guardian article on Starbucks new teamaking outfit "Teavana" in New York

So true. I had an "argument" with my local Starbucks this week.

Me: Tea please. The water is boiling, yes? Because I'm British, I have high standards for tea - laughs
Nice women in Starbucks: Yes of course (looks a bit uncertain), give me tea

Me after drinking tea made with hot water, not boiling water: Just some feedback, this wasn't a nice cup of tea
NWIS: Oh. well the water is very hot
Me: but not boiling
Me: Hmph.