October 15th, 2013


Best. Beauty. Treatment. Ever - Thanks Labo Spa!

Yesterday I had the best beauty treatment ever at Labo Spa in Zürich :-) I had been given a voucher as a thank you for doing some proofreading work, so I spent it on this.

The treatment was called the De-Stressing Soother and was a peeling treatment followed by a wrap, then massage. It was just perfect. Lovely products, beautiful treatment room, the bed was a sort of water bed thingy and I pretty much fell asleep. The robes were the best ever and there is a waiting area called "Cocoon" with beds and curtains and candles and it is just WONDERFUL! (see photo) I felt very destressed after and a lovely end to my holiday. Plus, I find their customer service impeccable :-)

Just so we're clear - not a sponsored post, just think it's important to give positive feedback and pass on some good karma!

labo spa

Life is good!

Sunday afternoon was a perfect autumn day and we walked along by the lake. The mountains were so clear and close, it felt as though you could reach out and touch them. M scooted, P walked, both mostly behaved. There were buskers and performers by the lake, and the boys had an ice-cream. I savoured the moment and felt so grateful for my life, my family and mr.ncot!


Tweeting in the gaps - September 2013

Have to try out this Velocafe (drive in bike cafe) in Zurich soon! love the idea :-) http://t.co/4k31flniCY via @youtube 01.09.2013 17:54

have just setup chrome and am loving it!
01.09.2013 21:37

@Katie_Kurz @RoomtoRead @AlpineTom @JenFrau ooh, good luck hon, hadn't realised it was so soon!
01.09.2013 21:37

Just had a fab thai massage in Zurich and now feel longer, lighter and looser!
02.09.2013 12:55

I just got a free Relax MP3 from http://t.co/Pby3Ip2HVh via @andrewjohnson
04.09.2013 09:25

RT @awsamuel: Great post from @weboesel on "The Introvert Fetish" -- and why introvert "pride" is a problem: http://t.co/61ywc1Lz3C 06.09.2013 06:07

finished Cecelia Ahern 2-book Bundle by Cecelia Ahern and gave it 4 stars http://t.co/WLC7AQSk30
08.09.2013 20:51

on day 3 of metabolic balance and feeling okay :-) http://t.co/1Z9DDCXcpi
09.09.2013 09:30

just finished a wonderful book "Happily Ever After by Harriet Evans" and gave it 4 stars http://t.co/Nmx6kqYvoU
10.09.2013 22:46

perfect end to busy week - family meal out at our favourite local pizza restaurant molino's!
13.09.2013 16:06

swimming lessons done, now escaping to meet dear friend in town for drink!
4.09.2013 11:59

running away up the mountain for my monthly "therapy"!
15.09.2013 09:08

Finished Run with #runmeter, on Sihl, Allemand, u... route, time 1:04:31, 8.29 km, ahead of worst run 6:04.
16.09.2013 18:32

just been out for my first "run" in months and got caught in torrential storm. Strangely exhilarating :-)
16.09.2013 19:28

just bought tickets for Zurich film festival :-) the film is called Neuland (new shores) and is about integration into CH. Intrigued :-) 16.09.2013 19:29

http://t.co/0nnMIRFwTw enjoying the 30th gala dinner of PWG (professional womdn's group of zuerich!)
17.09.2013 20:10

just like old times - walking home thru zurich after pwg! http://t.co/cEUC4J6u7R
17.09.2013 21:30

trying to work from home with sick child - just not possible :-(
18.09.2013 06:49

sick child now asleep, quick check work email & see which tasks I can get done before the kraken awakes :-)
18.09.2013 13:56

Finished Run with #runmeter, on work lunch lap route, time 34:09, 3.88 km, ahead of best run 2:37, see http://t.co/c7Qq3FW2Dz.
19.09.2013 11:03

Finished Run with #runmeter, on work lunch lap route, time 34:09, 3.88 km, ahead of best run 2:37
19.09.2013 11:03

Finished Run with #runmeter, on Ganziloebruecke l... route, time 1:00:32, 7.01 km, see http://t.co/B3YfjZsFt4, average 8:38.
23.09.2013 18:05

Finished Run with #runmeter, on work lunch lap route, time 31:35, 3.81 km, ahead of best run 2:33
26.09.2013 11:38

finished A Round-Heeled Woman by Jane Juska and gave it 4 stars http://t.co/RT1a0gh3qk
28.09.2013 10:33

so excited - just one more day at work before attending TEDxZurich! #tedxzurich
30.09.2013 19:05

RT @ZentralGestirn: was nimmt man eigentlich an das @tedxzurich mit? iPad? MB Air? oder doch das gute alte notizbuch? #newbie
30.09.2013 21:53

@ZentralGestirn @TEDxZurich Ich nehme mein Moleskin mit :-) Bin auch eine Newbie! Freue mich :-)
30.09.2013 21:53