October 12th, 2013


Meterological Musings from Markus

Walking back from hairdresser this morning, cold autumn morning

Markus: Mummy, actually I can smell the clouds
Me: Can you darling? What do they smell of?
Markus: They smell of ice!
Me: That's lovely Markus :-)

So there you have it, sensory metereological info from a 4 year old!

Weight update after my holidays!

I tried really hard over my holidays to follow my metabolic balance diet, but towards the end of the week, I reckon i was only about 60% successful. But thought - you know what, I had a nice break, even if I put weight on, I know how I can lose it again.

Stepped on the scales last night, and had lost a further 1.5kg! Which makes 4.5kg (ie nearly 10 pounds) since I started on 7th Sept (ie a month ago.) My BMI has fallen from 29.60 (30 is obese) to 28 and when I get to 25, I will no longer be "overweight". Plus, I bought a size 42 pair of jeans on holiday - ie UK size 14/16.

So onwards and upwards :-)
to do list 2

Busy Saturday

I have been a busy little bee today :-) That post holiday buzz still powering me forward!

* haircuts for boys at 0730
* 5 loads of washing done
* online grocery shop delivered and unloaded
* 2 swimming lessons
* descaled kettle and coffee machine
* went for a run
* sorted our money
* cleared my emails
* wrote a few blog posts

Am now supervising the jungle that is tea time in the kitchen. Complex negotiations underway with M, P just content to throw his milk on the floor.