September 11th, 2013


Enough is enough...

...I have spent way too long spending time thinking about my weight, moaning, eating unhealthy food and drinking too much red wine. I am on day 5 of the metabolic balance diet. I want to feel lighter, healthier, more full of energy. I want to fit into my clothes.

It's been going okay so far, am only a restricted-ish plan for 2 weeks, then it relaxes a little. But tonight I ate well - see below.

So what I have learnt so far?
It is hard to go five hours between meals (one of the key rules)
That I often eat out of boredom or to bring structure to my day
That I had forgotten what feeling a bit hungry felt like
That the more water you drink, the easier it gets
That I don't really like coffee or tea without milk/sweetener!
Giving up wheat, carbs, wine etc has so far been okay :-)

I felt very very hungry and grumpy yesterday, but today it's getting easier

I found this cartoon recently and it is so true :-)