September 2nd, 2013


My family and other animals (aka my week away, part 1)

This summer has sped past with visitors to Zurich and mr.ncot studying for his MBA and changing job. Since we can only get away as a family in October, I decided to grab a week to myself, thanks to lovely hubbie.

My parents live in a dutch barge moored just outside Bruges. The boat is on the market, so I thought I had better visit before they bid farewell to Vrouwe Alberdina (photos here and here)! I arrived in Belgium late Tuesday night and stayed in an airport hotel, before jumping on the train to Bruges Weds morning. My Parents picked me up and took me back to their mooring in Ecklo (30 mins outside of Bruge).

We had barely 3 days, but managed to find time to go for a few gentle walks, sit and read on the barge, explore Ecko, do some sightseeing in beautiful Bruges, go out for a nice meal in a local restaurant and even cross the border to Sluis in the Netherlands for some lunch and a walk along the fortified town wall.

Oh, and the animals? I was bitten to death by mosquitos in the barge. A small price to pay for a relaxing few days with the parentals!

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Food and Friends (aka my week away, part 2!)

The second part of my holiday has been about the healing powers of food, friends, pottering in the garden and chatting away. M & M have been the perfect hosts, feeding and watering my perfectly. We have drunk many, many cups of tea, I have inspected their garden in detail, we checked out the harvest in their allotment, we went to the local park, went out for a meal, went to the Sunday market.

I have written some blogs, learn how to make pastry, flicked through photo albums and installed chrome on my laptop. Borrowed some books, copied down some new recipes, got some bike accessory tips. Perfect little pleasures.

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Week 17

I should go on holiday more often - lots of blog posts written, lots of recipe inspiration & 2 more @40 challenges ticked off :-)