August 26th, 2013


Weeks 15&16

Started reading one of my academic books (re possible further study) and was very pleased to attempt and finish the across the lake swim in Zurich - 1.5km in just under 50 minutes :-) Was a bit tired afterwards though!

week15 week16

Tired Helen after swimming!

Hurrah for holidays!

Hurrah - as of today I am on holiday for a week! It has been a long time coming. I survived the assault course that was the weekend - swimming, bake birthday cake, bake cup cakes, last minute shopping for party, ice cupcakes, construct and decorate Lightning McQueen birthday cake, do party food, help run 4 years olds birthday party, tea duty yesterday at playgroup.... collapse in big heap with a lovely glass of bubbly and news about where mr.ncot is taking us for the week in October :-) 2013_08_26

Now on with my packing and intermittent blogging! Other nice treats today and this week include a hair cut, pedicure, time with my parents on their barge in Bruges, time with best friends M&M in Brussels, a sail on Zurich lake, thai massage when I get back. It's all good!

This was the todo list for the weekend :-)