August 18th, 2013


Down at heel.....

...literally! My beloved red high top cons have finally given up the ghost. The heels are falling apart and the rain keeps getting in. I bought them at a jumble sale when I first lived in London (but they were brand new when I bought them), so it must have been 1998. That makes them 15 years old :-)

They have been my "go to" footwear choice, especially when wearing jeans. They have made me feel young. They have travelled to South Africa, Poland, UK, Ireland, France, California and been faithful, comfortable companions. They have seen me through 2 pregnancies as my feet swelled and still fitted again afterwards!. I don't think I've ever had footwear that I have worn so consistently, all year round, and lasted so well. Best QUality. Ever. And I don't want to dump them, but they are really beyond saving. Plus, I just replaced them. Meet my new (&slightly bigger) pair of red cons.
newcons (1) newcons (2)

The pair of red cons are dead. Long live the new pair! And here's to the next 15 years. Can I still wear cons as a 40year old? :-) Hell yeah!

Oh, and my favourite photo of me and my original cons! I like how the red in Markus' tshirt hightlights the red of my cons

Markus at 47 & 48 Months

Our little lad just gets cuter - I look at him and realize that he is not a small boy anymore. He will start Kindergarten in a years time and will be at 5, one of the oldest in his intake. This makes me need and want to appreciate his last year of being a pre schooler. In the last month, he has started doing poos in the toilet more consistently, but we still haven't quite got the whole toilet training think finished yet. He has been enjoying playing in the water and at the badi this summer. And he speech continues to improve so much.

month 47 month 48

Patrick at 24 and 25 months

I think it is true to say that Patrick doesn't like having his photo taken at the moment!

In other news, he did his first poo in the potty on July 28th (more luck than judgement though) and he is getting more interested in sitting on the potty to do a week. Still loves his food and eats everything with gusto. His table manners leave a bit to be desired. He however has slimmed down - he is now on 50th percentile for both height and weight - he was always on the 75-90th percentile for weight before! When mr.ncot takes them to nursery he doesn't take the pram, so his walking and stamina is also improving!

month 24 month 25