August 10th, 2013


Summertime and the living is STRESSY!

I have a precious few hours to myself and am working my way through my inbox, emails, paying bills and trying to figure out where the last month week. Life has been busy. Mr.ncot has started new job, been to Scotland twice for his MBA, handed in many assignments, and in the last week has sat 3 exams. We have had my parents to stay for a weekend, then Jenn and Drew last week. My work has been busy and there is no end in sight. I have been to London for a work course, done 2 test interviews and taken my MBTI practitioner exam. More blogs to follow if I ever get myself organised. Oh, and we have celebrated Patrick's birthday and Markus has his next week.

I have had no time to blog, do my photos or generally sort my life out, and I feel edgy....

On the plus side, I have a week's holiday in 2 weeks time and am going off by myself for a week!

To remind myself to slow down and smell the roses, a stripy deckchair to remind me to take it easy :-)