June 30th, 2013


Weekends as a parent - so true!

Saw this on facebook this weekend and hard to laugh! Just so I remember how life is with two small boys, here is a quick run down of Saturday and Sunday in the Palmer Moran house of fun :-) I really appreciated having lovely mr.ncot back after a week away. We are both completely knackered and the weekend has been a bit of a give and take for childcare...

weekend parent cartoon

* Got up early with boys
* Take boys to hairdresser at 0815
* Mr.ncot picks us up and we have coffee at starbucks
* I go to Migros and buy a bigger car seat for Markus
* Return home in time to take Patrick swimming
* Return home from swimming, M & P down for lap, I scoff some lunch
* Into work for 2 hours to finish an urgent task from last week
* Restorative cup of coffee with long neglected friend
* Go for facial, find out beauty therapist is sick :-(
* Instead do the family food shop
* Return home, clean fridge, put food away
* Escape and go for walk on the Uetliberg in the rain and the mist
* Return home, have bath, get take out pizza, slob with mr.ncot on sofa

* Got up early with boys
* Take monthly photos of boys
* Go for brunch at Fork and bottle, play in their garden, visit the horses and goats, walk home
* Boys and Mummy have a 2 hour nap!
* Do big financial sort out, bill paying, money panic
* Book hire car for next weekend
* Sort out my to do list (gets longer each time I turn my back!)
* Clear my inbox
* Boys clear up toys, I get the cleaning bug and do a mad whirlwind hour scrub of the flat
* Alan takes boys out for pizza, I jump in shower
* We have supper at local pizza place, Alan and Patrick return home, Markus and I finish ice cream
* We wrestle boys into bed
* Alan goes for walk, I chat to sister on phone, then write some blogs!

I am exhausted just listing it all :)

How the world works, according to small boys...

If you wave (at a tram, bus, train, digger, dog, random passerby), they will wave back. This week has confirmed their rule. Mind you, who could resist a wave from my little charmer below?

The best waves Markus got were this week. We were walking to nursery along the "busy busy road" and as we crossed at the lights, Markus turned and waved to a big recycling truck, with two burly guys in the front. To my astonishment, both men (as one) waved enthusiastically back. The truck turned into our road, and as they passed us, the driver waved out his window and beeped for good meaure. Markus was beside himself. "Mummy, both men waved at me!" He told the story all day to anyone at Kinderkrippe who would listen :-)