June 17th, 2013

blue wave

Spa Scene

After a morning of admin, emails, bills, summer clothes shopping for boys - I finally made it to Panorama Resort & Spa - my treat for the weeks in June without mr.ncot. Had the BEST neck and back massage. I swear I have grown an inch or two. Then spent the rest of the time in the water, in the steam rooms, reading my magazine, chilling on the water beds :-) I swam and swam in a meditative daze, all my troubles melted away. Should def. go swimming more often! I think I will sleep well tonight. The weather was just glorious and felt like a mini summer holiday!
I bumped into a colleague from work, who is a member there, so we sat watching the sun go down, enjoying a little glass of something bubbly. Perfect! My mojo has been restored. The week can continue...