May 7th, 2013


I am forty and fabulous!

I am safely on the other side of the 40 river! My day started and ended with markus singing happy birthday to me! In between times, I had a birthday coffee at Starbucks, bought cakes for work colleagues, had a busy day at work (our big project went live today), had lunch with a new friend in a lovely restaurant in the old town, had more meetings, picked up the boys, put boys to bed and now supper is being made for me. Bubbly and presents to follow. Have decided that I will continue celebrating all week, if not all month!

oh and I have had 9 texts, 13 emails, 4 xing messages, 17 facebook messages, 2 voicemails and I feel very loved. Plus lots of handshakes and hugs at work. Thanks all!

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