April 6th, 2013


Tweeting in the gaps - March 2013

Small boy M has literally just sung for his supper. He broke into spontaneous rendition of "The wheels on the bus" before eating his yoghurt
11:04 AM - 5 Mär 13

Toddler has been sick and unhappy since Friday evening - normal service has been cancelled :-(
12:07 PM - 5 Mär 13

off for 3rd Dr/Hospital visit in so many days with sick toddler :-(
5:22 AM - 6 Mär 13

toddler P is finally on the mend. TGIF tomorrow.
11:40 AM - 7 Mär 13

toddler is well again, I have now come down the lurgy. Seriously not impressed by this :-(
11:03 AM - 9 Mär 13

Operation "remove dummy from eldest son" has started. the "nuggie fairy" arrives tonight. wish us luck :-)
2:23 PM - 9 Mär 13

the stomach flu definitely has me in its grip :-(
6:53 AM - 10 Mär 13

is there anything worse than being sick and being in charge of the kds?
12:41 AM - 11 Mär 13

you know it's a bad monday when..all three of you are bawling in separate rooms :-(
7:03 AM - 11 Mär 13

where did spring go? Blinking cold and snowing again here in zurich!
10:35 AM - 13 Mär 13 · Details

nothing like a heartful compliment - a new aquaintance today thought i was 5 years younger than I actually am :-)
2:44 PM - 13 Mär 13 · Details

just off to dentist to have 3 wisdom teeth removed :-( wish me luck!
7:38 AM - 14 Mar 13

now feeling v nervous. D day 0830. xanax had taen edge off but still!
8:31 AM - 14 Mar 13 ·

Done! now off home to sleep the trauma off
10:07 AM - 14 Mar 13

nothing like the restorative power of sleep :-) have just woken up!
6:04 PM - 14 Mar 13

sad to learn today that Google reader will be shut down this July. Sign here to show your support: http://www.change.org/petitions/google-keep-google-reader-running
8:37 PM - 15 Mar 13

both boys have eaten 3 weetabix and banana each for breakfast - what does this mean for their energy and mischief levels today? :-)
8:31 AM - 16 Mar 13

both boys have short hair again, making them look both older and younger, bizarrely!
10:24 AM - 16 Mar 13

quick - the boys are down by the lake feeding the ducks. Which of the mountains of tasks do I do first?
10:25 AM - 17 Mar 13

amazing - Small boy M is playing nicely all by himself! Wonder how long it will last? :-) #talesofmgm
2:11 PM - 18 Mar 13

Nothing nicer than listening to small boy talking to himself as he plays next door! #talesofmgm
2:23 PM - 18 Mar 13

V excited - just booked flights to London for late May birthday weekend with best mates M & S!
10:04 PM - 18 Mar 13

toddler p is sick again - i have deja vu :-)
4:15 PM - 20 Mar 13 ·

just signed up to Ww online - let's hope it works!
12:14 PM - 21 Mar 13

it's 10am Sat morning. 3 loads of washing done. Shopping delivered & put away. Kitchen cleared. Recycling next, then swimming - I love it!
10:00 AM - 23 Mar 13

v proud - M. had first swimming lesson without me today - he did great. Swimming away from me :-) pic.twitter.com/eYiZgv1UZL
2:59 PM - 23 Mar 13

late last night I emailed Sams for some help, & received a brilliant, sensitive response today which really helped. Thanks :-) #samaritans
6:14 PM - 26 Mar 13

just planning a nice easter lunch! Roast chicken and sticky carrots, followed my mini cheesecakes. What would I do without bbcgoodfood!
8:12 PM - 27 Mar 13

result - it's saturday and I am still in my jimjams at nearly 4 in the afternoon!
3:48 PM - 30 Mar 13

easter - ringing church bells and gently falling snow :-)
9:53 AM - 31 Mar 13

My 3 Rs....

My three priorities for this weekend are:

I have already learnt a few valuable lessons this weekend:
* I get to decide this what I want to do and how to do it
* It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of my decisions, no one else is really that bothered, it's just me stuck in my head worrying about what others think of me

When I arrived here last night, I realised that I had missed the first yoga session, but that the schedule was packed and that the whole group was expected to eat together, supper at 1815 (and I only arrived 1745). Like the "good girl" I am, I went down to the restaurant at appointed time and no one else was there.

Then lots of things occurred to me at once. I don't want to eat now. I want to have a swim and eat later. I want a weekend alone. I don't want to have to eat in a group and meet others and be sociable and speak swiss german. I am an introvert and this weekend I need to recharge my energy and I do this by BEING ALONE.

I had a mini panic, but then told myself to get a grip. Told the reception I would eat later, on my own. Realised that I had saved up for this weekend, that I could do exactly what I wanted.

In the end, I had a lovely evening, booked a massage, swam, had a sauna, sat outside in the whirlpool as snow gently fell. I ate on my own, but in the same corner of the restaurant with the rest of the group. I felt a bit uncomfortable that they all thought I was being a bit odd. But then thought - "Damn it, they don't care, I'm not that important, no one else cares what I'm doing". I read my book, had an early night, slept like a log, woke up feeling grand.

Result. And just for myself to recap:
REFLECT (lots to think about)