March 11th, 2013


Battening down the hatches

This last week has been a bit of a blur. It has definitely felt that the hatches have been battened down, and only the essentials have got done.

Patrick caught a stomach bug and ear infection, and was ill from a week last Friday for a whole week. The first weekend was a blur of washing clothes and washing him, he was a pretty poorly little fellow, followed by 2 days of high temperature, then 3 days of clingy, poorly, tired little lad. We had a visit to the emergency kids doctor, followed by hospital the following day, then our doctor the day after. He went back to Kinderkrippe for a short day last Friday. But since then has been in his normal rude health.

Last week Alan and I staggered working and staying home. I had a really busy week at work and struggled to keep everything juggled. I get the worst bad mummy feelings when I know I should be at home with sick child, but I also know I have lots of deadlines at work. Thank goodness for mr.ncot and our team work - it was both of us juggling!

Then I come down with the bug this last weekend. Felt awful Sat, Sun and struggled through today home alone with the boys, only to hurt my back picking them up. Work tomorrow will feel like a rest cure. Oh, and I have to go to the Dentist this Thursday to have a filing and 3 wisdom teeth out :-(

So, silver linings? When Alan was at home with last week, he said that he saw Patrick put his shoes on, hat on, coat on (after a fashion), then find the front door keys and tried to get himself out the flat! When I took him back to nursery at lunchtime on Friday, he literally swaggered into kinderkrippe like the returning hero, and was welcomed with cheers of "Patrick!" from Markus and friends, before getting kisses on the cheeks from two little girls. The more they kissed, the more he grinned cheekily and presented his cheeks again for more :-) Nothing much wrong with my little lad.

Normal service may return this week, but don't hold your breath.

Monday monkeys...

Today has been trying to say the least :-) I'm still ill, managed to hurt my back picking up the boys too much, neither boy slept at midday, at one point we were all crying in separate rooms, but we had a bit of fun here and there, and by the time mr.ncot came home, the boys were giggling hysterically and launching themselves off the sofa.

The days are long, but the years are short.

monday1 monday2 monday3 monday4 monday5 monday6
Bored patrick rearranges my books / markus plays scaletrix at the toy shop / creative playtime at starbucks / cheer up flowers from my parents which made me cry / markus the policeman on his cow! / last bursts of energy jumping off the sofa!