February 18th, 2013


Going to London to see the ...


No, just kidding, but bet it kept you reading! Going to London to see my best mate Sal. I cannot wait. I leave ON MY OWN this Thursday morning and return on the Monday afternoon. Mr.ncot is very excited to have the whole weekend and Monday with the boys.

I am excited to have a plane journey to myself, to have time to read (am taking 2 magazines and 3 books and possibly my laptop, haven't decided yet), to do some shopping for me (and possibly for the boys), to have time with Sal and her family, to have TIME.

More importantly, apart from a supper date with a dear friend from University (who I haven't seen for I don't know how long!), I have made no plans at all. I usually schedule at least 2 or 3 meetups per day when I am back. But this time - NOTHING. I am just going to see what happens :-)