February 8th, 2013


My Science Education continues...

My formal science education finished at 16 when I took my GCSEs in Physics and Biology, my Chemistry knowledge (such as it is) ended at 14. I have always considered myself well-educated, but must confess that my scientific intelligence is very sadly lacking.

I came across a wonderful talk on Ted, about how science lessons should be made more understandable. The speaker, Tyler DeWitt, argues that science communication needs to be better targeted to the audience. He talks about the "cult of seriousness" and the "tyranny of precision". Scientific information must be communicated in an appropriately serious way and it must be 100% accurate, even if both these things mean that nobody grasps the basic idea. I fear this maybe true of communication in all academic / professional circles. We communicate in such a way, so as to keep others out.

His main messages are relevant to any act of communication, or education. Know your audience and target your message appropriately! Get the basic message across in an understandable way, then once someone understands the basic principle, you can explain the exceptions and detailed information. He finishes his Ted talk with this: Make me Laugh, make me care, get to the point. How shall I start? "Listen, let me tell you a story"

I then discovered his videos on YouTube - they are genius and I am already feeling better informed, having learnt today about the differences between molecular and ionic compounds. He uses great metaphors and examples, simple but effective graphics and talks with humour and passion. Genius.

Wish I had had a chemistry teacher like him - would certainly have kept up with the subject. (*embarrassing confession* - i took physics at GCSE because I had a mad crush on the physics teacher, who then left and I had two years with a hopeless teacher who made me hate the subject!)


The other day, Patrick just barrelled up to Markus and flung his arms around his middle in a bear hug. This was the first hug between them. Since then we have had open season on fraternal head locks, hugs, as the photos show. It is very cute though :-)

hugs (1) hugs (2)

On colouring, cooking, cleaning and playdates!

I keep my little lads busy - if they're not colouring-in, or cooking, then I set them to cleaning! Patrick adores playing vacuuming with the handheld, and given half a chance, both of them will fight over the dustpan and brush.

Last weekend, we went to Hector and family for sunday lunch (lots of slobbing on sofas) and Hector came here on the Monday and we made gingerbead men. We mummies had fun icing!

mosaic playdates