January 27th, 2013


I am a sucker for a monthly challenge!

I am a sucker for a challenge, even better when it includes writing and self improvement, so was excited to learn about
The Month of Letters Challenge as seen on deenbat's journal!

I think the act of letter writing allows a slower pace of communication, more reflection, more emotion. I love looking back at letters my friends and I wrote during our university days. Hard to believe that email just wasn't used as widely then. I got an email account in my 2nd year at university. But whilst I remember vividly the first letter Mr.ncot wrote me (before we started our relationship), I don't remember his or my emails from the same period.

I am excited to write and post 24 letters / postcards / things in the post in February 2013. To new friends and old friends and family and whoever else takes my fancy!
keep calm

Dry January Challenge - the last weekend!

dryjan My Dry January Challenge is drawing to a close, this is the last booze-free weekend and as of Friday this coming week, I can drink alcohol again.

As I wrote in my first post, I was hoping to get more energy, sleep better and lose weight. Of course, the month isn't quite down yet, but here are my results so far :-)

* I have lost some weight - will be interested to see my weight on Monday 4th Feb, ie after challenge is finished.
* I feel as though I have more energy and purpose
* I have been sleeping better, when I was actually able to sleep. My boys however, have not been sleeping well, so mine has been rather disrupted. I am certainly coping better on little sleep, than if I had been drinking as normal
* Haven't noticed any difference to my skin
* Feels as though we have a bit more cash per week, not that we're not shelling out on bottles of wine

Overall I have found it easy not to drink, which is a relief. It shows me that I had got into the habit of (*cough* drinking every night) as a way of dealing with stress and hassles and unhappiness generally. Not drinking has helped me get a clearer picture of things. And reassures me that I don't need booze to sort things out, reassures me that I haven't missed it. It hasn't worried me at all that mr.ncot had a few glasses of wine without me.

Being Mrs "All or nothing", I have found it easy not to drink at all, to abstain completely. The real challenge of course is what I do next. How do I change my behaviour long term? I need to find the right balance. Between drinking during the week, but having booze free days in between. Between enjoying a glass of red, and between "self medicating" with wine, to avoid doing things / thinking about things / zoning out. Watch this space. In the meantime, just under 5 days to go. Am going out on Friday night to celebrate a friend's promotion at work, so will certainly enjoy that first glass of prosecco.

Bedtime Shenanigans

Tonight small boy M did not want to go to sleep. From about 1930 until 2145, I was in and out of his room, dispensing water, hugs, reassurances and getting more than a little frustrated.

At one point, we were squished in his bed together, and I asked him to tell me a story. He started like this...

One day there was a mouse and a fox... and this turned into a fairly accurate retelling of the gruffalo. Followed by many other of his favourites stories - Dog loves books, Monkey Puzzle, Bear Hunt. What really touched me was his recall and fluency of the narrative. But most of all, that he has "learnt" and captured how we tell him the stories. At one point in the retelling of the "Monkey Puzzle" book, his inflection and actions mirrored mine.

And at that point this evening, my heart melted and we snuggled up just that little bit closer!