January 20th, 2013


Markus at 41 months

month 41

This week Markus explained how the sun was up in the day time, then when it was dark, the moon was there. He finished off with "That's how it works!" - nice to have the solar system described by a three year old. He has been fascinated with the snow this week, and the colder and snowier our walk home from nursery, the slower he has been walking, poking fingers into snow. Somehow he doesn't feel the cold. It's hard not to let my impatience get the better of me....
Also copied me and yells "Patrick, out of there!" "Patrick, what you doing!" :-)
This month he has been mostly singing "jingle bells" & Happy Birthday
He also says "I have a better idea!" and "That's not good"!

Games & Learning
My iphone is no longer my own, he can find his own games and loves drawing fire and blowing things up in the Stickman game! He laughs like a drain at Wallace and Gromit. "that's funny!" and he loves "Room on the broom" which we recorded at christmas. He has also started liking the mr men books, which are a pain to read, but he loves.

Toilet training ongoing.

Patrick, month 18

month 18
My little bookworm, clutching his favourite book (in Polish) like a security blanket!

It is hard to believe that Patrick is now 18 months old. He had his check up and MMR booster last week and we had the normal measurements. As hubbie would say, he is still a barrel-chested dwarf - he is on the 75th percentile for weight and head circumference, but only the 25th percentile for height!
12.5kg (75%)
81.5cm (25%)
49.5cm head (75%)

He is still an excellent eater and packs away more and more variety than Markus. His sleeping is a bit haywire at the moment, still waking at least once a night for no good reason. He is getting attached to a few favourite books and will find them and bring them over to us. The book he is holiding is a really simple book in Polish, with 5 animals and a few polish words. He can make those animal noises and adores the pictures. His other favourite is the "we're all going on a bear hunt" hardcover. When we get to the "swishy swashy" page ie going through the grass, he sways from side to side.

He has a few words, which we can identify
- Mama
- More
- Pizza (but this might have been a fluke!)
- and can make dog, woof noises

He joins in the games that Markus is playing. He loves Markus's cow trike and ignores the horse trike that we bought him for Christmas! Also likes to push around the toy pram and Markus' scooter if he gets the chance. He is obsessed with his wellington boots and brings them over to us. He can make a good stab at getting them on himself, although they are often both back to front and point the wrong way!

Happy to be still doing my daily snapshots!

I did wonder if I was going to keep doing my daily snapshots this year, but then realized that my 2012 snapshots had made me realize (in review) that we had had a good year!

And then this week I got this lovely feedback from a dear friend :-) ....
"Just quickly, as I finally clicked on the link to your photo-a-day when I could see it on my big computer! Lovely. Not only am I impressed by the effort, but it give such a colorful view of your family life. Made my spirit happy! I don’t know how you do it. "

So, more snapshots in 2013 it is then :-)