January 7th, 2013


Weight update - Starting again! 83.1kg

Have created myself a new weight slogan to inspire me! Have decided to update weekly via twitter with loss or gain, and a longer post here once a month on progress! Losing weight will be the best 40th birthday present to me, ever!

Main goal
I am 83.1kg and want to get to 70kg by the end of the year.

Mini Goals
By start of Feb I will be 80kg. That's in 4 weeks.
By start of May (when I reach the big 40) I would like to be 75kg. That's in 15 weeks.

How will I do it?
Keep a food diary - what eaten, how hungry I was before eating, how I ate
Achieve my fitbug goals
Regular Yoga
Regular Running

Yoga lessons once a week
Yoga weekend away in April
Facial at Globus Spa

Oh, and a new userpic as motivation! See all my userpics here

The perfect day off....

Today I bought an extra day for the boys at nursery, and gave myself a day off, a great way to finish the christmas holiday and to get ready to go back to work. I managed a mix of tasks and treats :-)

* Dropped boys off at nursery
* Coffee and writing time at cafe
* cleared up flat
* washed sofa covers, cushion covers and throw
* Went to Post Office
* Recycling
* bought nappies
* wrote 3 blog posts
* faffing around with iphone, apps, amazon wishlists :-)
* walk in sihl valley
* reading Red magazine curled up in bed
* bath and magazine
* bought waterproof snow boots
* packed work bag
* collected boys from nursery
* supper, bath, bed

day off (1)day off (2)day off (3)

That was Christmas and New Year 2012/2013

2 weeks of Christmas holidays are over and I am back to work tomorrow! It feels as though I have had more than 2 weeks off, which is probably a good sign. It's been lovely spending time with the boys, but we have both realised how hard it is to get time to relax now we have two little monkeys underfoot. I think we managed and compromised quite well. Alan went into work a few times to catch up with work, plus work on his MBA assignments. I had 1 night away in Engelberg. We all went to Lenzerheide for 2 nights. Mr.ncot and I even celebrated our wedding anniversary with a cinema trip. Photos below.

This has been the first christmas that Markus has begun to have an awareness of the celebration and rituals. It was lovely to have my sister here - lots of walks, crafts, stories. I enjoyed having time in the kitchen to cook some special meals. And we did stockings for the first time. We have begun to start our own family rituals, like having a small christmas tree in their bedroom!

Although I am sad it is all over, I also enjoy (in a very strange way) putting our flat back to "normal", decluttering the kitchen, doing a January clean. I need to clear a few more shelves in the kitchen, as well as sorting my bookshelves again in the living room. I have so many new books to read, I need to clear some space.

I also like the freshness and "newness" of January, the blank pages in the moleskine journal. I have enjoyed reflecting on 2012 and writing my end of year blog posts. I am looking forward to a new role at work in 2013, more on that in another post.

And now, off to bed, it's back to school for me tomorrow :-)

Christmas 2012 with Aunty Cake
mosaic kate
mosaic christmas