December 26th, 2012


Weight Update - No change :-/

My week
Very happy not to have put on any weight this last week - my routine (end of work before Christmas) was completely out of kilter and I hardly met my step targets.
-0 kg / overall -3.2 kg

Start weight: 81.8kg
End weight: 81.8 kg

How I did
The targets: 12'000 total steps / 5'500 aerobic steps / 1600 cal per day
I averaged: 9'793 total steps / 4'221 aerobic steps / cals not counted

Next Week

Try not to put on too much weight over Christmas!
new goals - 11'600 total steps / 5000 aerobic / 1600 cal per day

Markus at 39-40 months

Month 39                                                Month 40
month 39 month 40

Markus has now graduated to the rocking chair for his monthly snapshots, wrapped in his blanket!

Markus's language continues to improve. My sister who was here this week, said it was completely transformed from when she last saw him, 6 months ago. He now tells us stories and has proper conversations with us. It is still a mixture of swiss german and english, but he is beginning to sort them out now. He also picks up bizarre complicated words, and makes his own up!
That is very nice
That is very cosy
bitte noch mehr
bitte help you
that's very tricky
I not like
"baby moon" (on seeing a new moon)
This month he has been mostly singing "jingle bells"

Games & Learning
Counts everything that there is to count. Recognised my mum and dad in photos recently, calling them Granny and Grandpa. Can even have short phone conversations wtih them.
oh and is addicted to a few games on the iphone! Stickmam, a memory game from sbb, a picture game, and aerox.

has finally done a poo in the toilet, we have nearly finished toilet training!


Patrick, months 16 and 17

month 16month 17

nbsp;                                         Month 16                                                Month 17

Patrick said "Mama" (first proper word, not counting uh-oh) on 25th November and since then we think he has said the following words
- ciao ciao (with little royal wave of hand)
- weetabix
- pizza
- sort of "counts" to three in swiss german
You can tell where his priorities lie - motherly love and food!

He is now so active - climbs up everywhere, launches himself off things, falls over, gets stuck etc. He has a permanent bump on his forehead and he has no fear, no sense of his boundaries and capabilities. I think he will shortern my life by a few years, through my constant worry. I don't reemember Markus being like this!

He has started using a dummy to get to sleep, but in the last few weeks has been waking at 3am. As well as his 8 teeth, has sprouted a molar bottom right. Getting good with toys, including the shape selector ones. He usually only wants to play with the toys that markus is interested in. The arguments are starting!


@40 challenge

Here's the start of my @40 challenge list! Challenges will start May 2013 :-) Big, small, fun and serious challenges, 40 in total. Let the dreaming and planning commence. Not everything on these planning lists will make the final cut of course!

* Complete patchwork quilt
* run a marathon (again)
* go to a radio or tv recording in London (have I got news for you, the news quiz, the now show etc)
* be at my desired weight
* start my phd