December 16th, 2012


Livejournal Review of 2012

It's quite simple: the first sentence of the first entry for each month in 2012 :-)
Here's what my livejournal world looked like - Markus and Patrick focussed.

Jan: Our little cutie has had a ball this christmas - he is interacting with us a lot more, lots of smiles and laughs when he sees us, lots of raspberries being blown!

Feb: I have been feeling so up and down since Friday last week and over the weekend spent a lot of time writing my thoughts in my personal journal.

Mar: I loved this Guardian article about Girl Guides going from strength to strength!

April: I am loving my new running tools!

May: Sometimes i wonder what I get done with my (precious) spare time.

June: This week our little lad finally figured out how to roll from lying on back to being on front!

July: Here is a sneak peek of the photo shoot we did on my birthday in May!

Aug: I was so sad to hear tonight that Maeve Binchy had died.

Sept: We celebrated Markus' birthday a few weeks late - august was just too busy with guests and MBA exams...

Oct: As goal focussed as I am, always working for the next thing, waiting for things to be perfect, I am working on living in the moment and enjoying/being grateful for the lived in moment.

Nov: My "Not Nanowrimo November" challenge starts today, and here is my handwritten chart to inspire me.

Dec: This has been a lovely weekend - Markus and Patrick met Samichlaus at our local supermarket, I made mincepies, it snowed lots, I ran in the snow and started my christmas shopping in the lovely Pastorini toy shop.

Tweeting in the gaps - November 2012

A winning end to the week :-)
Fri Nov 02 17:13:05 2012

hurrah for it being Friday evening. Both boys in bed. TV, sofa, chinese take out and a glass of red await :-)
Fri Nov 02 20:03:56 2012

so excited about my weekend away in the mountains with friend K and NO BOYS! Scuol here we come :-)
Fri Nov 09 13:43:43 2012

The tale of the teddy bear
Nov 09 14:12:28 2012

Gorgeous Stripyness
Fri Nov 09 14:22:06 2012

TFIF - this is my only thought for this day!
Fri Nov 16 11:05:34 2012

Finished Run with @runmeter, on home to krippe route, time 16:15, 1.23 miles, ahead of median run 1:18, see
Fri Nov 16 17:38:58 2012

Finished Run with @runmeter, on home to krippe route, time 17:19, 2.30 km, ahead of median run 0:08, see
Fri Nov 23 17:37:39 2012

Finished Run with @runmeter, on home to krippe route, time 16:29, 2.17 km, ahead of median run 0:55, see
Fri Nov 30 17:39:30 2012

Weight Update - 1.5 kg lost :-)
Mon Nov 05 21:02:21 2012

Just another manic monday....
Mon Nov 05 22:50:08 2012

Weight Update - 0.2 kg gained :-/
Mon Nov 12 20:17:19 2012

end of a lovely but long Monday with the boys and cornish fish pie is now beeping to be eaten, with glass of something nice!
Mon Nov 19 19:23:55 2012

Finished Run with @runmeter, on Sihl circuit route, time 29:45, 3.38 km, see, average 8:49.
Mon Nov 26 19:37:01 2012

my toddler loves his yoghurt!
Mon Nov 26 21:31:47 2012

must be nearly advent - am frantically designing and printing our christmas cards courtesy of, they print great things!
Mon Nov 26 22:18:13 2012

bliss! hour sitting down having my hair done - then family photo shoot this afternoon!
Sat Nov 03 12:38:36 2012

family phito shoot went well but we are all now pooped!
Sat Nov 03 19:21:02 2012

v v excited - new season of Big Bang Theory starts 15th Nov - cannot wait :-)
Sat Nov 03 19:31:18 2012

Smile for the camera!
Sat Nov 03 20:46:27 2012

chilling in my hotel room after mountain walk. then off for spa - it's a hard life :-)
Nov 10 15:29:20 2012

i love slobby saturdays - still in my jimjams at half past two - result :-)
Sat Nov 17 13:34:11 2012

Finished Run with @runmeter, on Sihl, Allemand, u... route, time 59:11, 6.13 miles, ahead of worst run 2:09.
Sat Nov 17 16:53:03 2012

That's clever! was playing music via tunein on my iphone and it automatically streamed it through my laptop speakers :-) How?
Sat Nov 17 19:07:04 2012

early sat mornign shift! 3 coffees down, two happy monkeys, mummy on laptop :-)
Sat Nov 24 08:45:43 2012

Finished Run with @runmeter, on a new route, time 52:28, 5.30 km, see, average 9:54./-:--:-
Sat Nov 24 18:55:58 2012

"Wer rastet, der roster" ("Use it or lose it")
Sun Nov 04 08:59:05 2012

boy are out, having a productive hour blitzing the mess that is my desk. Paperwork be gone :-)
Sun Nov 04 14:49:56 2012

just off to meet girl friends in town to see new James Bond, then go for dinner. ridiculously over excited :-)
Sun Nov 04 15:02:18 2012

Just back from Skyfall - best Bond film ever. Long, but didn't even notice!
Sun Nov 04 22:05:50 2012

marching up and down in the bedroom to get to my 8000 steps for today - done!
Sun Nov 04 22:10:24 2012

Sunday Scribbles
Sun Nov 04 22:12:38 2012

NNN Challenge - week 1
Sun Nov 04 22:22:23 2012

bliss! curled up on sofa in hotel lounge drinking tea, listening to radio and reading :-)
Sun Nov 11 11:53:58 2012

can't remember the last time i was out on the town this late - had a great eve - thanks KK!
Sun Nov 18 00:11:30 2012

might be feeling a little bit bleurgh this morning and boys of course wake up at 6am demanding food :-(
Sun Nov 18 06:31:27 2012

ah the restorative powers of porrige! mind you it is still only 0830 :-)
Sun Nov 18 07:36:24 2012

Finished Run with @runmeter, on sihl, rietberg, l... route, time 51:43, 6.69 km, behind median run 0:39.
Sun Nov 18 17:06:21 2012

final tasks of weekend - 5 loads of washing, plus baking 2 cakes for playgroup tomorrow :-)
Sun Nov 18 20:29:39 2012

kitchen disasters - lemon cake crumbling, icing too runny, standmixer is not working :-( Just put fruit cake in, hope it turns out well!
Sun Nov 18 22:37:52 2012

oh, and fruit cake needs 90mins too bake - its going to be late night! Why or why do I do this too myself? :-)
Sun Nov 18 22:38:21 2012

my boy loves his croissants!
Sun Nov 25 11:00:54 2012

Finished Run with @runmeter, on Sihl, Allemand, u... route, time 1:10:35, 7.06 km, behind worst run 9:15.
Sun Nov 25 16:20:03 2012

Start of my Nkovember Challenge
Thu Nov 01 17:03:28 2012

Tweeting in the gaps - October 2012
Thu Nov 01 20:22:22 2012

Finished Run with @runmeter, on home to krippe route, time 17:2
3, 1.37 miles, ahead of median run 2:15, see
Thu Nov 15 19:38:45 2012

its snowing!
Thu Nov 29 07:58:04 2012

"Rocking my toddler to sleep is like.....
Tue Nov 06 21:32:14 2012

Finished Run with @runmeter, on home to krippe route, time 20:08, 1.24 miles, see
Tue Nov 13 18:04:22 2012

Small Swiss Boy and his Supper
Tue Nov 13 23:06:42 2012

and my ear ache is back :-(
Tue Nov 20 19:44:25 2012

finally ordered christmas cards, labels, & minicards from Hope it arrives earlier than estimated delivery date :-)
Tue Nov 27 00:16:55 2012

i seem to have become addicted to drawsomething on my iphone. Creativity (of a sort) flows :-)
Tue Nov 27 23:17:25 2012

nothing like a roaring argument with sunrise customer services to start your day on an adrenalin-fuelled righteous rage :-(
Wed Nov 07 08:01:14 2012

Finished Run with @runmeter, on home to krippe route, time 17:27, 1.46 miles, ahead of median run 2:11, see
Wed Nov 14 19:10:55 2012

Both boys are giggling manically - they should be asleep :-) We are too tired to go in and settle them - lets play the waiting game!
Wed Nov 14 19:15:45 2012

Friends in high places!
Wed Nov 14 20:56:32 2012

Finished Run with @runmeter, on home to krippe route, time 15:59, 2.05 km, behind best run 1:00, see
Wed Nov 21 17:40:39 2012

Finished Run with @runmeter, on a new route, time 13:53, 1.67 km, see, average 8:19.
Wed Nov 28 17:36:41 2012