December 3rd, 2012


Weight Update - 0.2 kg gained :-/

My week
Bit annoyed now. Made a HUGE effort this week to meet my step goals, which I did. Am feeling better and slimmer, but scales don't reflect this! Ho hum, but on we go. I suspect I am still eating too much :-(
+0.2 kg / overall -2.7 kg
Start weight: 82.1 kg
End weight: 82.3 kg

How I did
The targets: 11'200 total steps / 5'520 aerobic steps / 1600 cal per day
I averaged: 12'841 total steps / 7'041 aerobic steps / cals not counted
Did really well this week - look at all those pink boxes!

Next Week
Track food eaten
new goals - 11'800 total steps / 6000 aerobic / 1600 cal per day

Hard core running

Yesterday I tweeted about how wonderful it was to run in winter, with proper snow. Blah blah blah. I spoke too soon. Tonight I went for run after the boys were in bed, leaving home at 8pm. Dark, cold, sleet and slushy underfoot.

Halfway round I stepped into a deep icy-cold puddle and soaked both feet right through :-( I squelched the rest of the way round in a damp state!

And yet I felt better for having done the run. I was so tempted to stop in, but I went out anyway. That has to be the nastiest running weather ever, so I have no excuse for any other evening. I am proud of myself. Every time I go out for a run, I prove my commitment to myself.