November 21st, 2012


On Bad Mothers, Messy Mummy, and messages in books

messymummy Scannen0092 (2)
In no particular order.... Alan drew a picture of me at the weekend(see above) for Markus to colour in. I like it :-) I call the creation "Messy Mummy" and it is now a new user pic. See all my userpics here

At the weekend I went to Bücher Brocky and re-discovered "The Bad Mother's Handbook" by Kate Long. Last night I re-read it one sitting (curled up in bed actually!) and it was just as good as I remembered. I had given my copy of the book away years ago at a book party, then instantly regretted it. So it was serendipitious to find a replacement copy.

I loved the handwritten note on the fly leaf. I am sure that Susan and Ursula are not bad mothers :-)