November 5th, 2012


Weight Update - 1.5 kg lost :-)

A very good weekend, am delighted with myself :-) -1.5 kg / overall -3.4 kg
I worked really hard to meet my steps each day and it paid off! I also feel that I am adapting to eating less and that my appetite is changing.
Start weight: 83.1 kg
End weight: 81.6 kg

How I did
8,000 total steps / 3,700 aerobic steps / 1400 cal per day

Next Week
Up the walking and track food for 3 days.
new goals - 8800 total steps / 4800 aerobic / 1400 cal per day

Just another manic monday....

... can't you just hear the Bangles in your head now? *manic laugh, at having planted ear worm*

Anyhow.. today we had friends around - we went to the railway playground and the two small boys amused themselves, whilst toddler P slept in the pram and A. and I sat in the sun and gossiped - perfect. Then we went home, made gingerbread men, had lunch and played some more.

After they left Markus slept for two hours (TWO HOURS, count them!) and of course Patrick didn't! I cooked pizzas for supper, baked a rice pudding and part cooked a lamb and sweet potato casserole for tomorrow. Plus two loads of washing. Then cleared up the flat.

Just before mr.ncot got in, I noticed a really large lump on the side of M's neck*. Cue telephone to emergency kids doctor at 19.20 (they close at 8pm) and then a quick adventure with Markus. Tram into town, Doctors, Apotheke, back home at 9pm for pizza and remains of gingerbread men. We are all officially knackered! Looking forward to a quiet and quick day in work tomorrow - he he :)

IMG_1703 IMG_1704 IMG_1707 IMG_1713 IMG_1699 IMG_1714

*luckily nothing serious, inflamed lymph nodes, antibiotics for 5 days.