November 1st, 2012


Start of my Not Nanowrimo November (NNN) Challenge!

2012_11_01 by nice_cup_of_tea
2012_11_01, a photo by nice_cup_of_tea on Flickr.

My "Not Nanowrimo November" challenge starts today, and here is my handwritten chart to inspire me. I need three ticks per day

* Exercise (ie make my fitbug steps total)
* Blog
* Work at least 15 minutes on one project/task

Today I have just achieved my blog post, plus steps are done according to my fitbug. The challenge this week is to complete my next photobook project using Booksmart.

The projects I want to achieve this month are:
*Photobook project
*Baby bunnies stitched
*box of memories by desk sorted

And if I finish these, I have a LONG, LONG, list of other things I want to do :-)

Now off to pick up my boys, doing some recycling on the way....


Tweeting in the gaps - October 2012

boys playing happily in huge playroom in hotel. table football a particular hit!
10:40 AM - 1 Oct 12

loving the free wifi even in the playroom! happy multitasking parents :-) nice job hotel gorfion
10:55 AM - 1 Oct 12

weather here is very misty - we can't see the mountains. But the bar/lounge has comfy sofas, real fire and wifi, so it's not all bad!
5:34 PM - 1 Oct 12

just off for swim in pool then sauna - its a hard life :-)
9:40 AM - 4 Oct 12

lunch time and patrick tucks into his bratwurst!
11:54 AM - 4 Oct 12

back home after lovely holiday, unpacked and washing is well underway..
8:26 PM - 6 Oct 12

busy sat morning - long overdue haircut for small boy - now refuelling in starbucks :-)
9:06 AM - 13 Oct 12

end of a lovely day off - just been to flicks, now supper in globus with good book - bliss :-)
6:39 PM - 15 Oct 12

both boys now finally asleep after playing "stay awake and scream" tag all evening :-(
10:27 PM - 17 Oct 12

they are the evil dream team! don't want to hear a peep out of them now until dawn :-(
10:28 PM - 17 Oct 12

ear infection is back, dr says I am run down and should rest up. Ho ho ho....
8:49 PM - 18 Oct 12

evening alone with boys and both asleep in bed by 9pm - go me :-)
9:50 PM - 19 Oct 12

have just endured 3 hours of markus saying "Was ist das?" (what's that?), closely followed by "warum?" (why?). sort of cute but wearing!
10:17 AM - 20 Oct 12 ·

Toddler P is teething and we are all going through it with him :-( Mercurial mood swings, crying, gnashing of teeth - and that's just me!
2:48 PM - 20 Oct 12

P has also discovered how much fun it is to sit on my lap & pound on the laptop keboard. No hope for me now - bye internet, its been real!
2:51 PM - 20 Oct 12

beautiful autumn afternoon, really warm. playing outside in binz with friends. perfect :-)
4:49 PM - 20 Oct 12

words of wisdom from M - "mummy i like the sunshine"and "mummy are you okay" as i struggle up hill with double pram and bike :-)
5:53 PM - 20 Oct 12

home sick today, sent boys extra to nursery and have just slept 4 hours straight - go me!
1:36 PM - 22 Oct 12

first snow of winter in zurich and its not yet november !
5:10 PM - 27 Oct 12

snow has properly settled and still snowing. boys v excited!
10:47 AM - 28 Oct 12

just back from snowy walk - nice cup of tea and toast now necessary!
2:26 PM - 28 Oct 12

i love the zurich expats forum - ask a question, get the first email response within minutes :-)
9:12 PM - 30 Oct 12