October 14th, 2012


Small Boy on Bike!

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It was a beautiful (but crisp) autumn day in Zurich. Markus adores his balance bike from islabikes (hand me down from Cousin Drew, best present ever!) and we strolled along the lake. Coffee and croissants along the way.

Markus is still learning that he needs to watch where he is going. Most people will try and avoid toddler on bike, but his weaving in and out of avenue of trees, whilst cute, did not help any.

And then unexpectedly met friends K, R & J. Slightly larger boy J also has an isalbike, but with pedals and bell. Markus very envious :-)

The November, "not Nanowrimo", Challenge

Tempted as I am, to try and write 50'000 words in 30 days(!), here is my alternative November challenge.

Every day I will:
*tackle a long term project (for 15 minutes)
I know that achieving these steps will help me feel happier and help me feel healthier (physically and mentally)
Plus it also helps that Patrick has now finally moved out of our room - we have had the baby hammock in here the last couple of months and he would fall alseep here early evening and then have to be moved later. So now I have my desk and work area back - hurrah!

Focussing on these 3 positive steps in November (and achieving them each day) will help me to
* drink less
* Watch less tv
Neither of the two things above are necessarily bad and I don't want to say to myself, I forbid myself to do either, but I have been consuming both in a mindless way, as a way to numb myself to how I am feeling at the moment and to avoid facing up to what I need to do to move myself forwards. I read this interview on the happiness project blog and it really struck a nerve

November - bring it on, I am ready :-)

Day Off Tomorrow!

Tomorrow Alan is taking the day off to look after the boys, so that I can have the day to myself :-)

Planned so far...
*walk/run first thing tomorrow morning
*lunch with a friend
*mooch in town
*coffee with a friend
*go to cinema in afternoon
*grab bite to eat by myself

Can't wait :-)