October 7th, 2012


Tugging at those maternal heartstrings

Mr. ncot and the boys are out and about this afternoon. Have just had a phone call from mr.ncot to tell me when they will be back. He said that Markus wanted to talk to me.

Me: Hello darling
Markus: I miss my mama* (said in a strangled, sob like way!)

*my heart breaks a little!


Summer of 2012

Now that we are back from our belated "summer" holiday (yes, I know, it was in October, but hey!), I wanted to celebrate our Zürich summer... Alan was mostly away studying, but the boys and I spent time in paddling pools and badi in Zürich, we had guests galore, we met friends, we went to Annecy for a long weekend, we celebrated our boys' birthdays. The sun shone and we had a lovely time. Here are the best of the snapshots!


Back from our hols

This was the view from our hotel balcony! Not bad, once the mist had lifted :-)

We had a fab "summer" (ok, autumn) holiday in Malbun, Liechtenstein. I read 1 magazine and 1 book (out of a much bigger list!), sorted photos and wrote a few blogs. We played with the boys in the hotel's fantastic kids area (huge playroom, playground and petting zoo!). I swam and enjoyed the sauna and steam room. We all took daytime naps. We went on the family walk and drove down into Valbun. Mostly, we just enjoyed playing together. mr.ncot and I even got 2 lunches, 2 mornings and 1 evening meal to ourselves, thanks to the childcare staff. More photos to follow :-)