September 18th, 2012



I think Markus and Patrick still look so similar, although Patrick is beginning to change from the mould. I took some photos this week at the railway playground close to us. Firstly, it is definitely autumn and secondly, my boys are the spitting image. Thirdly, what is it with toddlers and gravel? See what you think :-)

Can you tell who is who?
IMG_1289 SNC00541

And here are photos of Markus a year ago at the same park! Yes, it is our favourite play place. Easy place to get to (walk along by the river), great swings and slides, lots of trains going by, and a lot of wild park to run and hide in!

I have so much to write about...

so many blog posts in my head, so many memories and photos to share, and no time! I have been re-reading some posts from when I first joined livejournal in 2005 and it reminded me how much fun I get from writing and the satisfaction of sharing. I want to write more regularly - one little blog a day is possible, surely? Watch this space :-)

Mount TBR has been gently excavated.....

The shocking statistic is that this year (so far) I have only read 24 books. Today I gently reshuffled my TBR pile, recycled some books which I have no chance of reading and wondered how many of the remaining 56 (mostly fiction, but a few non fiction gems) I will read by the end of the year? I have some great books in there to read - why have i been hoarding them?

I miss reading. I need to reprioritise my scarce leisure time. Less crap tv, more quality books! That is all.

Back in the Networking Saddle

Tonight I finally made it to a PWG event, for the first time in about 6 months. It was the first time i have been back when Jill hasn't been there. However, my colleagues that I worked with on the executive committee just did such an ace job at leading the event and I was so proud of them.

The topic of the evening was creating your own brand, so I have some things to think about - what is my emotional selling point? my mantra? my tag line? What are my brand stories? Petra Wüst was an excellent speaker and her input generated lots of dialogue over dinner - always a good sign.

At my table I caught up with my oldest PWG friends, one of whom I met on my first ever trip to PWG all those years ago (in 2005) - but I also made some new contacts. A friend gave me a compliment on my make up and I felt uplifted and inspired by the way we shared our common issues and solutions.

The first year fog is lifting...

Patrick is 14 months old today and his last breastfeed was a week ago (Mon 10th Sept). He had been down to one feed a day for the last month or so, but in the last few weeks he has been feeding very erratically and has really weaned himself off the boob. Up to his first birthday, he has been enthusiastically still nursing consistently once or twice a day and showed no interest in stopping.

I was worrying about how to finish breastfeeding, since I didn't really want to stop whilst he was still feeding well. It's such a definite end. Once you stop, you've stopped - there's no going back. And then the baby period, that time of such closeness, is definitely over.

I am glad that he decided when and how to stop. And actually, it wasn't so hard. I am now feeling the benefits. The fog of hormones and tiredness is lifting (and even now I am realising how under the fog I was the whole time) and my energy and fighting spirit is returning. Plus, it is a nice feeling to have my body properly back to myself again. This does mean though that I have no excuse for not losing weight! I just can't think too much about the fact that I've breastfed him for the last time, or I will get a bit nostalgic and upset.

Anyway, onwards and upwards! Don't look back - look forwards. I did a great job of feeding him for so long and he is a healthy and happy toddler in the rudest of health :-) He now saunters round the flat, bottle of formula in hand, swigging away - its hilarious.