June 5th, 2012


Patrick, Week 46

week 46
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This week our little lad finally figured out how to roll from lying on back to being on front! He is also nearly crawling, does the rocking on all 4s. Can also shuffle/crawl backwards, then push himself back into sitting position.

I am torn between wanting him to crawl and knowing then that any peace i have now will be gone :-)

He is also teething - next set of top teeth are coming down. And biting again when feeding. Don't want to stop breastfeeding, because he is still so into it, but this will be the next hurdle to jump. In my mind I think I will go to 1 year, but let's see. The sleep deprivation is getting to me :-)

Jubilee weekend gratefulness!

IMG_4731 - Copy (250x188)
Patrick, Markus and I waving our flags at the Viadukt street party on Saturday!

* making eggy bread for markus
* seeing and hearing sheep at bocken (our corporate training centre)
* making 3 new connections at work event
* friday night take away

* taste of home: Pimms and scones with clotted cream at Viadukt street party
* my friendship with Jill
* joy of boys at swimming
* going to sleep at half eight

* markus excitement at being in a red car
* finally getting cake made
* celebrating A's birthday with friends!

* smell of cake baking
* Kerry babysitting so that I could spend time in Starbucks
* sorting my photos and being grateful for all the time i spend with my boys

I think I might do a weekly snapshot/gratefulness post here on Livejournal, but each day I will list my reasons to be grateful on idonethis (as well as main things done!)