June 4th, 2012


Tweeting in the gaps - May 2012

third attempt this morning to make & drink a NICE CUP OF TEA! I take after my mum in this regard! Half cold cup of tea anyone?
12:03 PM - 1 May 12via web

first picnic of the summer in the garden and the boys share popcorn! http://pic.twitter.com/Fk6xNkL8
3:54 PM - 1 May 12via Photos on iOS

What I do with my time.... http://j.mp/ISORYw
7:19 PM - 1 May 12via LiveJournal.com

second day alone with boys - all under control so far but still only 0830 in the morning!
8:38 AM - 6 May 12via txt

lucky me - get to share my bed with toddler, dumper truck and brio train set! http://pic.twitter.com/5BMnLpYM
8:40 AM - 6 May 12via Photos on iOS

best present ever - a day at home for me! Start day with nice cup of tea and RED magazine in bed!
7:32 AM - 7 May 12via web

Nothing is more exhausting than.... http://j.mp/JqtCwt
7:56 AM - 7 May 12via LiveJournal.com

hair is straightened, make up on and nails painted - all ready for family photo shoot :-)
3:46 PM - 7 May 12via txt

just need boys to wake up and claire the photographet to arrive - oh and for the sun to stay out!
3:46 PM - 7 May 12via txt

and now out for my birthday meal - looking forward to some bubbles and quality time with lovely hubbie :-)
8:02 PM - 7 May 12via txt

interesting mind tools article on the 3 stages of transition - letting go, neutral zone, new beginnings. http://lnkd.in/gnUAzQ
10:23 AM - 9 May 12via LinkedIn

loving my bike ride to work - today in the may sunshine with blue skies :-)
9:45 AM - 10 May 12via txt

on way to airport to fly to london for best mate's 40th birthday celebrations :-)
7:37 AM - 11 May 12via txt

chilling out on sat morning at friends - markus v excited at playing with new toys!
10:55 AM - 12 May 12via txt

traditional pub lunch with friends. sun shining and table in garden - perfect :-)
1:06 PM - 12 May 12via txt

going home after fab weekend in london! now in our fav cafe st heathrow - giraffe!
1:07 PM - 14 May 12via txt

beautiful Thursday day off - for Ascension - and all 3 boys now awake!
11:18 AM - 17 May 12via web

New User Pics! http://j.mp/KhCO4F
11:21 AM - 17 May 12via LiveJournal.com

it should be a crime that I am not out in glorious Zurich sunshine on day off, but am enjoying sitting at desk with my laptop, so there :-)
2:49 PM - 17 May 12via web

Baby P FINALLY rolls from front to back a day short of his 10 month birthday!
2:58 PM - 17 May 12via web

just registered for a 5k womens run in in Bern on June 10th, http://www.frauenlauf.ch
3:19 PM - 17 May 12via web

Hubbie has just come in and said "Can you hear that?" - there was silence - "that's the sound of our two boys asleep!"
3:56 PM - 17 May 12via web

going to be a long weekend wirh boys. hubbie just left for mba course and both boys crying! help :-)
8:29 AM - 19 May 12via txt

defy anyone to watch this (25 yrs of pixar brilliance) and not shed a little tear! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBH1dcHoL6Y&feature=youtube_gdata_player
9:12 AM - 19 May 12via YouTube on iOS

Forget parenting classes - they should offer new parents toy & book repair skills - my total today? 2 books and a teddy bear eye!
10:23 AM - 19 May 12via web

home again after marathon baby and toddler swimming sessions - both boys snoring, tired mama soon to follow :-)
3:05 PM - 19 May 12via web

worst case? Still 4 hours til Alan gets home!
3:12 PM - 19 May 12via web

beautiful summer sunday and off for lunch with friend at our new find "fork and bottle" yum yum :-)
11:18 AM - 20 May 12via txt

3rd day home alone with 2 incredibly whingy boys :-/ And breathe :-)
3:36 PM - 21 May 12via web

Really interesting article on how fear of success can hold us back. http://lnkd.in/TMKa8t
10:55 AM - 23 May 12via LinkedIn

first stage of making christening cake for Patrick - mixing dried fruit and adding brandy to soak - yum :-)
9:47 AM - 27 May 12via web

testing out my new grundig mixer and making healthyish carrot and banana cake - smells yummy!
1:31 PM - 27 May 12via web

blessed peace - hubbie out studying at Starbucks, baby and toddler asleep. wonder how long this miracle will last? :-)
8:03 PM - 27 May 12via web

I can't get out of my own way... http://j.mp/KQa0At
4:40 PM - 28 May 12via LiveJournal.com

Patrick, Months 8, 9 and 10 http://j.mp/KX12Hm
5:38 PM - 28 May 12via LiveJournal.com

Reasons to be grateful http://j.mp/KYBzHY
8:33 AM - 31 May 12via LiveJournal.com

Reasons to be grateful http://j.mp/L6qEBz
10:57 PM - 31 May 12via LiveJournal.com