May 28th, 2012


Markus at 31 - 33 months

Months 33, 32 and 31
month 33 (187x250)

These three months have seen such changes in Markus, is really becoming a proper little boy, rather than a toddler. Mind you, the tantrums are still quite frequent, especially if he hasn't had a midday nap! He definitely still needs a nap, just depends whether we can actually get him down to sleep or not. He is so full of character - he sings to himself, runs/jumps/kicks balls/catches balls, runs to get books to read and "reads to himself, loves Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank engine (thank goodness for youtube!) and his speech is really (finally) developing - he copies everything we say and is finally putting simple sentences together, even though they are now half english, half swiss german, with varying word order ie "Ich go kick ball"! The other day he told Alan "Ich habe dich lieb" ie I love you, in German. Still waiting for him to say it to me!

He is now really playing independantly and is full of imagination. We use the dining room chairs and quilts to make houses, boats, trains - but once i start him off, he leads the play. He is mostly lovely to Patrick, "Plays" with him, comforts him when he cries ("okay patrick" and strokes him on the head) - but, when both boys are tired, Markus is liable to hit out. The other day I caught him repeatedly slapping patrick on the forehead - I wondered what the sound was and caught him red handed :-(
He is also developing a sense of humour and learning how to use it - he calls us by the wrong names for comic effect!

can now
count to five
knows red, yellow, blue, green (says "breen" for green!)
plays by himself
imaginative role play - car, buses, trains, the cow train!

Wheels on Bus
Bob the Builder
Row row row your boat
Happy Birthday
Twinkle twinkle
5 Monkey were jumping on the bed
Keine Schiffli

noch eeis
other one
pardon me
cement mixer
wo mummy bag?
Huus baue
enough now!
mummy do that!
Ich habe dir lieb
this way
other way
ich go kick ball
ich auch
Patrick stay there
Patrick komm mit
That's a big book

Love Youtube - Thomas, Helicopters
Playing house - building tent with chairs and quilt
Playing trains with chair
Cow train - ie cow scooter, with pushchair on back, with a teddy passenger!

Schiffli fahre uf äm See
Schiffli fahrä uf äm See
Cha mer schöni Sachä gseh
Chund dä Wind und chunt dä Sturm
Wirft das schönä Schiffli um.

I can't get out of my own way...

This cartoon sort of sums me up at the moment. I feel very out of sorts and as my Grandma would say "I can't get out of my own way". My stress signs kick in when I feel that I haven't had time to blog, or sort photos - it makes me feel that life is flying past me and I am not noticing it. Mr.ncot has taken the boys out and I am desperately trying to get a few things done. I haven't written a weekly update on Patrick for 11 weeks now - maybe it's no coincidence that that is how long I have been back at work.

I know why it is so hard to find time for myself - working 4 days at week, still waking once or twice a night to feed Patrick, breastfeeding, trying to cook healthy meals each day, the endless laundry, mr.ncot having started a mba (away every other weekend), two gorgeous little boys to play with. I try to appreciate what I do get done every day (ie we are all fed, in clean clothes, and in the right place at the right time), but it is hard to let go of my other expectations. I feel frustrated that I can't lose weight, that I haven't been running the last few weeks, that I rarely have time to sit down and write.

I find that in the evening once boys are in bed and we are fed, I slump on sofa, watch mindless tv and drink a glass or two of red wine. In that moment, I think that is what I need to comfort myself. And yet, I know that to feel better, I need to look after myself in a different way:
* even just 30 minutes to tackle a quick task, or get started on a longer creative project
* go to bed early with a good book
* go for a run
* write a blog post
* edit a few photos

And yet, and yet... it is hard. It doesn't help that Patrick is still sleeping in our room, which means I can't work at my desk. But I am also not ready to send him into the other room, not least because he is still waking at 2/3am and 5/6am every night.

I recently bought myself this papercut art and I look at it on the dresser to remind myself of the big picture
No responses needed, just thanks for listening. A few nice posts about the boys to follow...


Patrick, Months 8, 9 and 10

Months 10, 9 & 8

Here's my chubbie cutie! Patrick is such a chilled back baby and takes the love and slaps from Markus in good temper. He reaches and takes toys and books from Patrick, which doesn't help fraternal realtions! He laughs and chuckles, which sets Markus off. He likes it if you nibble his fingers or blow on his fingers. In the last few weeks he has finally rolled from front to back, but has still not rolled back to front. But as Dr says, he is so heavy, probably doesn't want to roll! At his 9 month hceck up (16th April) he was between 75-90% for weight, 50% for head and between 25-50% for height. Alan still calls him a barrel chested dwarf.

He sits and claps his hands, raises his arms in the air, bangs his toys together. His favourite toys is the hairbrush! His top teeth starting coming down beginning of April (8.5 months) and are now pretty much down - has four teeth. He likes standing up with support and is beginning to try crawling. He gets on all fours and starts to rock, then falls flat on his front.

Last couple of weeks has been waking to breastfeed at 2/3am and 5/6am each night, which is taking its toll on me. Eating solids still going well, good variety of foods, developing his fine pincer grip to get stuff in his mouth. Will try and eat anything.

Patrick Weeks 35 to 45

I have been quite good at taking these photos, not so good at posting them. See previous post for more details on little Patrick. Just like Markus at the same age, it's getting more difficult to get these snaps. I love these "outtakes"

Patrick plays airguitar and sings the blues...

Weeks 45, 44, 43

42, 41, 40

39, 38, 37

36, 35