March 9th, 2012


Things to look forward to...

As I go back to work, I need to keep reminding myself that I will still have time to do nice things for my boys and me :-) I will appreciate my weekends and days off even more. I will look forward to picking up my boys at the end of each day :-) And I have quite a lot of holiday saved, so occassionally I will take a day or two off, to look after myself.

So here's my motivational, forward looking, treat anticipating list!

Enjoy spring as it arrives
buy digital photo frame
Meet A in Zürich
Weekend with friends
photo shoot Mar 25th
Photo album with J Mar 31st
Pizza with D & L
Visit A and H

Easter weekend
?UK April trip

Asia spa on May 7th
May weekend in London

Patrick's Blessing
Enjoy Summer!

2 week family holiday somewhere

On my bike!

I have found my bike in the cellar, serviced it, raised the saddle, got me a basket for the back and yesterday I did a test ride - it takes 7 minutes to ride to work, hurrah! Plus it's an easy route, so other than changing shoes, I can wear my normal work clothes.
Which raises the question: Why did I never ride my bike to work before? :-)

The plan is to ride to work, then at going home time, peddle like mad home, dump bike, change into running clothes, run 20 minutes to pick up boys, walk or get tram home.

Hoping that I can fit this regular exercise into my week!