March 5th, 2012


Patrick, weeks 32 and 33

Patrick's two botttom teeth are coming through and very sharpy they are too! He has been teething for what seems like months, but I only realised the teeth were through when breastfeeding became inexplicably painful this last week :-) He has also found his feet, loves playing with feet whilst on back. Can sit unaided now, but needs supervision as he topples over fairly easily. Really bending to one side, but no rolling yet.

Weeks 32 and 33

Monday creativeness :-)

My boys and I were confined to the house today (Markus has scarlatina, and is still infectious!) so we did some drawing with stencils and then turned on the ipod. Whenever Markus hears his cds (mostly sent to us by "Aunty Cake" ie my sister Kate!) he runs to the cupboard and gets out the box of percussion instruments. And away we played, Patrick mostly chewed on his maraca!