March 1st, 2012


Tweeting in the gaps - February 2012

clearing up the flat :-( Up and down stairs to cellar and attic. Next box of baby clothes unloaded, last lot put away. And on it goes!
3:19 PM - 1 Feb 12via web ·

Feeling perfectly torn
4:37 PM - 1 Feb 12via

coffee time alone
11:00 AM - 3 Feb 12via Flickr

V excited! Waiting at airport for flight to brussels for mums 70th birthday surprise. Ssshhhh :-)
8:02 PM - 3 Feb 12via txt

had a lovely weekend in Brussels surprising my mum for her 70th birthday. Now chilling with takeout for the evening with our lovely friends!
8:09 PM - 5 Feb 12via web

an hour to myself - how to spend it?
2:44 PM - 7 Feb 12via web

Faith in human nature restored. Tram driver saw me running with pram and stopped for me :-) merci vielmal zvv driver!
10:02 AM - 8 Feb 12via txt

First morning drop off with both kids and fairly hellish. Arrived late and v unhappy toddler as i left :-( baby was smiling though. Me? ...
9:27 AM - 14 Feb 12via txt

Ran full pelt for tram this morning. Pushing pram, toddler under arm. Tram sees me but pulls off anyway. About to swear when toddler says quietly "oh dear"!
9:29 AM - 14 Feb 12via txt

snowing, snowing, snowing! Am having a day of organising, shredding, making plans!
10:50 AM - 15 Feb 12via web

Baby P's first "proper" day at nursery - I keep feeling something's missing and looking for him in the flat :-) Roll on home time!
3:24 PM - 15 Feb 12via web

watching "one born every minute" and crying as usual!
11:06 PM - 15 Feb 12via web

exercise done for the day - Thanks Davina (love her "power of 3" dvd)!
11:14 AM - 16 Feb 12via web

Feeling happy and light of heart for the first time for several months :-)
12:14 PM - 17 Feb 12via web

listening to "Let them talk" by hugh laurie and LOVING IT!
4:42 PM - 17 Feb 12via web

2011 Lesson #2 : Don’t Carpe Diem beautiful post on the challenges of being a mum, struggling and loving our families!
8:21 PM - 18 Feb 12via Tweet Button

baby P is close to rolling but can't quite make the final flip. Instead he swivels round 180 degrees and does the bridge pose!
8:14 PM - 19 Feb 12via web

What's better than doing my davina exercise dvd for an hour? Doing it whilst my toddler joins in :-)
8:15 PM - 19 Feb 12via web

monday is potty boot camp day. So far - 1 pee in potty, 1 poo in potty, 2 stickers, 2 pairs of pants and one proud mummy!
10:48 AM - 20 Feb 12via web

finally, silence from the toddlers room. Hope this means he has finally gone to sleep :-) Now just have to get baby down and then I can nap!
2:30 PM - 20 Feb 12via web

beautiful crisp blue sunny day. could spring be on the way already?
2:17 PM - 21 Feb 12via txt

sick baby with (first) cold, but bonus day at home with him at least. We are both staying warm and cosy in bed all day to recover :-)
11:10 AM - 22 Feb 12via web

finished sorting my clothes out ready to go back to work - need to lose at least 8kg before I can fit into most of my clothes!
5:10 PM - 22 Feb 12via web

happy thinking day! Remembering many many happy years as a brownie, guide, young leader, guider, brown owl & lots of good times with friends
8:31 PM - 22 Feb 12via web

Hurrah, now up to date with my blog and photos - feel in control of things again!
8:55 PM - 22 Feb 12via web

one toddler and husband just gone out for walk, one baby asleep, what is Mummy to do? :-)
10:39 AM - 25 Feb 12via web

trying to wean toddler off dummy - cold turkey isn't working! Have just given in and replaced said dummy. any tips?
2:25 PM - 25 Feb 12via web

boys out, exercise done, hot bath, nice cup of tea and book waiting - happiness!
11:52 AM - 26 Feb 12via web

Hmm, seems we live in the most expensive city in the world!
9:12 AM - 27 Feb 12via web

happy - lost nearly 1 kg this week! the only way is down from here :-)
9:13 AM - 27 Feb 12via web

Patrick's first tooth (bottom) is coming through - discovered yesterday when he was gnawing on my finger!
2:56 PM - 27 Feb 12via web

another milestone - toddler does first proper wee in potty - oh the excitement of being a mum ;-)
2:57 PM - 27 Feb 12via web

toddler was tantrum-y yesterday - we now have a "naughty step" and I am not afraid to use it! Phrase of yesterday? "Sorry Mummy!"
9:02 AM - 28 Feb 12via web

another beautiful sunny spring day here in Zurich!
11:39 AM - 29 Feb 12via web

Celebrating "three years" of being engaged and married to lovely mr.ncot! I asked him to marry me on Feb 29th 2000 :-)
11:39 AM - 29 Feb 12via web

hubbie has taught toddler to "burp", I have taught toddler to say "pardon me" - fair division of labour you think?
12:33 PM - 29 Feb 12via web